IGN - Street Fighter X Tekken Review

IGN - Two of the biggest fighting franchises of all time hook up for one doozy of a brawler.

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LX-General-Kaos2541d ago

Amazing review for an amazing fighting game. Have it pre ordered and waiting for tomorrow. Day one purchase. Its a shame I have to wait for Bryan Fury DLC which is already on the disc but I will survive. Ryu + Bison combo with an online friend for now.

Rated E For Everyone

-Mika-2541d ago

Ya that y i can't wait for this game. Teaming up with an online friend and fighting other people is going to be fun. I feel sorry for the people who passing on this. They are missing out on a fun and great game.

theaceh2541d ago

I don't think people are "passing on this", some (like myself) are just waiting a week or two to get it for $39.99.

LX-General-Kaos2541d ago

Unfortunately not many people are fighting game fans. This game is special because long rival tekken and street fighter fans who beef daily can finally fight it out. And scramble mode is going to be revolutionary. If this game has online replays in the nature of SSF4AEv2012 youtube will be full to the rim of pure comedy.

Rated E For Everyone

Majin-vegeta2541d ago

* I feel sorry for the people who passing on this.

Why cuz were smart enough to wait for the complete edition for a fraction of the price??Ok......

Ares84HU2541d ago

I'll just wait for a "Super" or "Ultimate" edition with 1.5x as much content and at $20 less. Haven't you guys learned your lesson when it comes to capcom games? Look at MvC3...and UMvC3 for example.

TheBlackSmoke2541d ago (Edited 2541d ago )

Lol all of you guys passing in hopes of buying a super version a year later are not even Street Fighter fans because you clearly don't even realise the point of a fighting game.

Nice to see you only comment on this game to bitch about it, where were you in all the other SFxT articles? You clearly dont care for the game in the first place.

I look forward to smashing your Ryu and Ken teams a year from now for some free battle points.

GTFO you will not be missed and take your entitlement with you.

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FlashXIII2541d ago

Lmao you can't speak positive about SF, Capcom or DLC here, you'll be criticized for promoting milking and labelled crazy.

CarlitoBrigante2541d ago

Waiting for the ultimate VITA version wich will have 12 exclusive characters

Hufandpuf2541d ago

I just pre ordered it. I know about the on disc DLC, but I dont even play as half the characters. If I am getting DLC it'll only be Lars.

Chuk52541d ago

Man, I really love capcom fighting games. honestly, the whole "I'll wait for a super turbo remix edition" thing is getting really old on here.It's seriously becoming a broken meme. People are acting like capcom didn't put effort into making a good game at all. They did. I still think there dlc stuff is beyond evil, but I just don't buy it. However, most of their super stuff this gen (besides UMVC3) was at least a year after and for a lot less. I bought SFIV and thought it was great. I bought SSFIV a little over a year later for 40 bucks and thought it was infinitely better. It's not to say that SFIV wasn't great, SSFIV really just thought of everything. There has been a $60 COD game every year and people are like "oh, that's just activision milking COD no big deal" but everyone dumps on capcom.

Tonester9252541d ago

No.... They both get it pretty good. Can't say they don't deserve it though. Ray Charles can even see what they're doing. I can save my money until the "Super" or whatever version comes out. I won't die its not like I'm buying food for me to live, it's a video game.

vortis2541d ago


I hate how the community is like "Oh well, so-and-so company is milking us too, why isn't it okay for x-and-x company to do the same?"

It's not okay for or by any company. Period.

I don't support Activision's annual milking habits and while I was going to buy SFxTekken because it IS an awesome game, I will wait like a lot of other gamers. I'm not feeding a machine that says it's okay to treat your consumers any kind of way and that it's okay to charge extra for stuff you already paid for.

I'm a big fan of Dudley and I wanted a Dudley/Steve Fox team but I'm willing to be patient.

bacrec12541d ago (Edited 2541d ago )

All of these reviews mention Scramble, yet no one has gone further into their explanations. I can imagine a player would have to change their strategies quite a bit while fighting in this mode.

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