Why Assassin's Creed is not a Stealth Game — Pixels or Death

Pixels or Death explain that Assassin's Creed is not a stealth game, but a circus complete with all the usual routines. "Cannons and colour! Fire and lead! Theatrics and gymnastics!" And that, though the art of the game is fluent and often beautiful, it is not the art in which we have been trained through years of true stealth titles.

"Assassin’s Creed is murder made theatrical. Death comes not as a result of silent assassinations but circus executions; a choreographed routine by a brotherhood rigorously trained and skilled in their art. But this art is different from the discipline in which I am trained. This is not stealth. This is stealth entertainment."

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FlashBack2541d ago

It kinda was in AC 1, I was actually careful not to trigger the guards, they were stronger and more suspicious. In 2 and so on I can get in the middle of 4 people and magically disappear!
In 1 at least the priests were also dressed in white hooded robes.

MacTingz2541d ago

I agree. From what I can remember the stealth elements were more prevalent in the first game. And from what I remember the enemies were stronger. It's just a shame the first game didn't do so well. Perhaps Ubisoft thought that the stealth aspects were the problem, and that's why they resolved to change the franchise to lean further towards action and entertainment.

FailboatSkipper2541d ago

Must agree. It's only gone further down the 'action stealth' road in Brotherhood onwards, since that 'momentum' combat makes it a piece of cake to dispatch 10 or so guards.

eon02541d ago

I enjoy the phrase, "Stealth Entertainment."

ginsunuva2541d ago

It's more like "Sprint to Target, Assassinate, then Run Away Forever"