Top 10 Blunders of 2007, by Matt Matthews, 26 December 2007:

There are certain events of 2007 that industry folks would just as soon not ever hear about again -- so here they are...

Sony? Check. Microsoft? Check. Nintendo? Check. has even got Activision and Electronic Arts in there too. was watching all year long. They saw the screw-ups, and they were taking notes...

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lynx1halo4042d ago

"Now, for only $20 shy of the price of a PlayStation 3 you could own a wireless-less, HD-DVD-less system with a larger hard drive and that thunderous Xbox 360 fan noise. To its credit, it did have a sweet black paint job..."

Real Gambler4042d ago

This guy know is stuff, went after every consoles, and hit the nails on almost everything. He also made it somehow funny too. Worth a read guys.