Marooners' Rock Review: Dungeon Hunter: Alliance (Vita)

Adam writes: "Dungeon Hunter: Alliance isn’t a new game. Playstation Network has had it available for nearly a year, and Mac users have had it for nearly as long. Given that, it makes judging Dungeon Hunter on Vita difficult, especially when staring at a $40 price tag. The system is screaming for an RPG, and a game in the vein of Diablo should be a no brainer. Sadly, anyone that plunks down the money for Dungeon Hunter will regret their decision very quickly."

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Esperino2515d ago

Diablo-esque games never seem to quite translate well to the portabl devices for some reason. I guess I'll try and get a copy to play when it comes down in price to experience it for myself.

NukaCola2515d ago

Untold Legends came out on PSP and it was pretty cool. I think RUNE will set this genre straight for Vita. It looks great and has crossplay and 'buy once get both' status.

Krakn3Dfx2515d ago

I would be embarrassed if I paid $40 for this, given that it's been $1 on mobile phones at certain point, and never more than $10.

Gameloft is a horrible company.

SIXAXISofEVIL2515d ago

Bought this game despite the terrible reviews. The reviews are accurate. Framerate is terrible. I'm still playing it because I'm insane and still like it. Knew what I was getting myself into and I can't put it down. Multiplayer is terribly implemented but still I am having fun. Guess I really really want to play a mindless action RPG on the vita. Think this says more about me than about the game but oh well.