Project Origins pics

Pics from Project Origin on the xbox 360, by the people who brought you Fear.

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ravinash4038d ago

That face looks like me in the morning.

moujahed4038d ago

Just hope they fix some of the character models before releasing. Their arms, and certain body parts seem to blocky. Yet this sounds promising. I wont re-buy a 360 to play this though... Im sick of them things breaking on me no matter how many good games come out for it.

rev204038d ago

You mean they are actually going to put some effort into the console games now. As fear was awful on the consoles but its a great game on the pc

picker3324038d ago (Edited 4038d ago )

The 4th pic(the face) look's like they have taken that face from bioshock

mighty_douche4038d ago

This game will look Stunning on a good PC, but i expect the console versions to be its slightly uglier/slower cousin, just like the previous FEAR title.

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