GameTrailers - Game Of The Year Awards

The awards were passed down as...

- Best PlayStation 2 Game
- Best TV Spot
- Best New Franchise
- Best Strategy Game
- Best Puzzle/ Parlor Game

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Ashta4581d ago

Bioshock? That's the winner of best new franchise? I had assumed that the catagory winner should have won based on the fact that it was....a franchise. Bioshock is a one hit sequels...and System Shock was hardly a game to grant it the status of "franchise" considering Bioshock isn't considered a part of the same franchise within its own company.

I'm pretty sure that either Uncharted or Mass Effect deserve that title better.

Hugh Hefner4581d ago

As far as I know, they are already working on Bioshock 2.

FCOLitsjustagame4581d ago

Bioshock is as much a franchise as uncharted or Mass Effect. All three are new IPs. All franchises develop from new IPs. At one time Halo was just a one hit game, so was Mario, so was MGS but they all developed into franchises.

MK_Red4581d ago

WTF are you talking about? What part of best "NEW" franchise don't you understand? New franchise means it's not a sequel and BioShock is no sequel. It may be a spiritual successor to System Shock it's not sequel.
BioShock is no different than Mass Effect and Uncharted.

Ashta4581d ago

Sure, you could call it "Bioshock 2" but it would have to be a completely different game. The two endings in Bioshock pretty much left NO opening either way for a least not for the main character, Atlas, or Andrew Ryan.

I had assumed that when a company was making a franchise that they were going to continue the actual story or character line. Things like Ratchet and Clank, Gears of War, Uncharted, Mass Effect

titntin4581d ago

I agree mate - best new IP perhaps, but franchise? How can it continue from where it was?
Personaly, I think it's a shame that a great game can't just be a 'one off' without having its success milked for all time. In many respects the game industry has gone down the same path as Hollywood films - comercial imperitives and the power of the marketing men over the people with creative vision, ensure that lacklustre sequals almost innevitably follow a ground breaking original!

FCOLitsjustagame4580d ago

Star Trek the Next Generation did not carry on the story of the original Star Trek characters (nor did DS9, Voyagers or Enterprise). Stargate Atlantis does not carry on the story of classic SG-1. Highlander the series did not carry on Connor Mclouds story. Yet these are all franchises. It is not necessary for the story to center on the same main character, just that it happens in the same created universe.

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Devr4581d ago

This is living?! Seriously? :O Yes, it's different. But that doesn't mean it wasn't a complete failure as a commercial.

titntin4581d ago

I was suprised to see it nominated to tell the truth - gamers are pretty unsophisticated in their tastes for the most part, and certainly won't see the value in 'lifestyle branding' like these adverts attempt.
But the award was not to celebrate the most sucessful advert - just as an oscar is not based on box office recipts. It certainly wasn't aimed us gamers - which is just as well as it missed its mark. But as a piece of creative ad making, it was worthy of some mention at the least....

I was vey happy to see Puzzle Quest win best puzzle game - how can something that seems so lame, be so addictive! :)

TwissT4581d ago

Obviously God of War 2 would be the best PS2 game. That game was sooooooo amazing, I never get bored of it.

MaximusPrime4581d ago

im not surprised that "this is livin'" commercial won the TV spot GT award.

It is so different to other nominees. Even though it is a wierd and strange advert, i actually like it.