PlayStation Plus in March: Early Journey Access, Free Sly Cooper, Street Fighter and More

PS Blog writes: "It’s another giant month for PlayStation Plus subscribers with early access to one of PSN’s biggest games, great free content, Mass Effect 3 Full Game Trial and much more.

To start, we’re pleased to announce that Journey will be available to purchase 1 week early for PlayStation Plus subscribers. The game releases PSN-wide on 3/13, but you’ll be able to experience the full game tomorrow."

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ksense2542d ago

getting journey, motorstorm, unit 13 and street fighter!!! already have the sly collection so the first sly being free doesn't help me much!

SamPao2542d ago

also getting journey and Unit 13! has to be the perfect game for the Vita! demo was so great!

yesmynameissumo2542d ago

Nice update. PS+ proves its worth damn near every month.

shammgod2542d ago

You're right, and every month I am kicking myself for not going out and getting it! This ends now!

dgonza402542d ago

hell yeah it is.
The content keeps getting better and better

Vinster2542d ago (Edited 2542d ago )

Very nice update, I thought this version to Sly Cooper was the best out of the Sly Collection, so this is great for those that haven't played it yet.

Journey and Unit 13 is a must buy for me, Motorstorm RC for Vita and Street Fighter for free sounds great.

Allowen2542d ago

What an amazing surprise to me to see Sly1 coming for free.
I wanted to try this franchise after I was done with J&D collection!

This month is indeed awesome not just for psn+ subscribers but also for the fans of digital download games such myself.

ME3+Journey+Sly+God knows what = Psn/PSN+ Rules!

PinkFunk2542d ago

Aww, I want Journey. I'm so excited for it. I just don't game enough to warrant getting PS+.

Ah well, March 13th!

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