Forza looking to hit 'annual cadence'

The announcement of Forza Horizon sees Microsoft's driving series moving towards annual releases - and Turn 10's Dan Greenawalt says it's his ambition for Forza to be as big as both NASCAR and F1.

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Frankfurt2541d ago

As long as it's the open-world Horizon one year, and Motosport in another year, i'm cool with it.

By the way, they confirmed Horizon is basically like Test Drive Unlimited 2 (their words), which is amazing. TDU2 would be the perfect racing game... if it had good handling. With Forza's handling, it'll be unbeatable.

hennessey862541d ago

is not a Forza motorsports game and I will bet my house that Forza is dropped from the title come release day

2pacalypsenow2541d ago

they prob will drop the forza name to make it seem like a new IP

C0MPUT3R2541d ago

Halo, Forza, & Fable all seem to be annual now.

urwifeminder2541d ago

Fantastic news more and more forza keep it rolling turn 10.

Objective2541d ago

Great move. They will keep pushing the frontiers of the driving simulation genre and evolve it.

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