370°'s Visionary Top 5: Sony in 2008

Welcome to's Visionary Top 5 series. 2007 has been an amazing year for gamers - some say the best ever. Will 2008 be able to match it? gazed into the crystal ball to find out what gaming's greatest minds have in store for us next year. Today they predict what Sony, with its PS3 and PSP, will be blessing us with in 2008... Merry Christmas!

Their predictions:
- Final Fantasy XIII won't come out in the UK till 2009.
- PS3 will enjoy a much better year in 2008 than it did in 2007.
- Sony will buy Insomniac Games.
- Resistance 2 will come out in November 2008.
- Killzone 2 will be pretty but soulless.

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PStriple7034043d ago (Edited 4043d ago )

If that happens that would be killer, sony and the ps3 are lookin bright for 08

TANOD4043d ago

FF13 and MGS4 ---the 2 biggest games of this era would be unleashed in 2008

for the first time we would be able to get our hands on probably the biggest FPS of this era --KZ2

GOW PS3 footage would also be shown.

GT5 would be coming out as well and might sell 5 million on its launch day in EUROPE

PES 2009 could stretch over 20gig on PS3 and might break records in EU too

2008 --is where PS3 will murder competition.

I see FF13/MGS4 breaking and creating several new sales records across the world.

SONY have mercy on inferior competition!!!

shrimpboat4043d ago

I hope "Sony will buy Insomniac Games."

Lucreto4043d ago

Sony own Naughty Dog and the lines between Insomniac and Naughty Dog are blurred at the best of times. As we see Ratchet things in Jak and vice versa.

What do I mean from this? They have a good relationship with Sony anyway so buying them would be a wait of money.

mesh14043d ago

there 1 prediction that will come out true for sure that is killzone 2 will be soulless as we are seeing with gt 5 at its sooo bland also all games coming out for ps3 next year are nothing compared to 360 exclusisv mgs4 ?? haha plz that is soo old and done already /gt5 yawn as we saw with the demo/killzone 2 ?? who the hell is gurilla ent no 1s all these games are hyped beyond believe buy sony trolls even tho none of them got any awards /praise from game shows or gamemags

The Brave 14043d ago

I strongly disagree with the killzone comment.Killzone was not a bad game.It wasnt AAA.However it was above average.

gaffyh4042d ago

"- Final Fantasy XIII won't come out in the UK till 2009."

Probably, but I hope they do a worldwide release.

"- PS3 will enjoy a much better year in 2008 than it did in 2007."


"- Sony will buy Insomniac Games."

Likely only if Insomniac turns to Sony and says they are going to make Resistance/Ratchet Multiplatform

"- Resistance 2 will come out in November 2008."

Obviously. Resistance came out Nov 2006, Ratchet Nov 2007, Resistance 2 = Nov 2008

"- Killzone 2 will be pretty but soulless."

Likely, but then again we still know nothing about the weather system they always talk about that will play a major part in the game. Also there are a few games that are quite soulless, but are still successful (GTA?)

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I_killed_TheMart4043d ago

The Trailblazer, Eye brow raiser...stronger then a BEAR, Faster then a FOX...biggest thing to hit sony this year because the playstation 3 SUCKS!

mikeslemonade4043d ago

- Sony will buy Insomniac Games.
- Killzone 2 will be pretty but soulless.

These two things won't happen. Why buy Insomniac when they're already going to make exclusives for PS3 anyway. If they were able to make a launch PS3 game that was a really great game then they can really push the PS3 in there 3rd game. I don't think they have to be bought because Insomniac has the passion to make games for the PS3.

Killzone 2 soulless is a wrong prediction. If you haven't notice almost every Sony exclusive game is trying to push stories in games to the next level. You have heavenly sword with the asian/european movie themes and acting, Ratchet looking close to a pixar movie, and Uncharted with the Indiana Jones references. No matter if the game is good or not they always try to push the theme, settings, and story. There's also Lair and Genji. If anything Nintendo and MS make the souless games. Sony has a good track record in creating games with souls. Even Resistance has a pretty compelling story.

Bits-N-Kibbles4042d ago (Edited 4042d ago )

I'm not sure I know what they mean by that, but i don't think they do either...

KZ1 has been hated on so much in the past 3 years... at it was not that bad of a game
It had one of the most engaging plots and story lines in an FPS. Disagree if you will.
But KZ was better than most people make it out to be.

Meus Renaissance4043d ago (Edited 4043d ago )

I know we shouldn't form an opinion of games that have yet to be released but I find it absurd that one can make such a negative attitude towards KillZone 2's gameplay to be "soul-less", primarily because its predecessor did not impress. What some people forget is that there are several videos on the Internet at this moment that show off gameplay from this title and from watching them, I can't help but feel chills on my back such was the sincere intrigue and excitement. Now, ofcourse that doesn't mean the game will blow everything away in terms of playability, but at the same value, can't we also say that we shouldn't dismiss it?

It's strange, everything in regards to this game, whether it be photo's, screenshots, video, hands on previews, all point towards a very positive impression of the game, and even some disbelief (IGN: Yes, it's real). So it puzzles me that among discussion forums outside PlayStation fans there is still some what dreary sense of disinterest and dismissals about KillZone 2. It's nonsense.

I'm not proclaiming it to be a massive hit, but we certainly have enough to justify real hype and hope, than we do to criticise it. Stop hating guys, just stop. Before this year's E3, we had the same attitude towards its visuals. It was like people expected, and even wanted it to disappoint yet it silenced them all one by one. The only thing now it has left to prove is just how good of a game it plays (instead of just looks), so although I'm not ultimately shocked by the attitude, I have to question why this insanely hyped game - probably the most this generation - is shrouded by so much hate by the gaming media. It's like everyone is expecting it to buckle on its hefty legs.

Hopefully it'll prove them wrong once again, one by one.

sonarus4043d ago

well to be perfectly honest killzone 5 ratings will probably range in the 9-8. It will probably be better than halo but halo had way too much hype. Halo is a solid game but is still essentially jst a shooter. Dosent really bring anything new and in order for killzone to outscore halo it would have to work twice as hard to get half the recognition or appraisal. Its unfortunate but the gaming world isnt perfect jst like the real world. From what i have seen the only area KZ really standsout is in its visuals. KZ2 is in my opinion the most photorealistic shooter to date however it wnt get that recognition COD4 will hold it. KZ has to do lots of original things. Great and gripping storyline is essential, immersive and engaging gameplay, Lots of variety and memorable environments and maps. The multiplayer will probably be standard deathmatch teamdeathmatch and some ctf game but they need to come out with something original to go with it to be as succesful. There are too many shooters out so it makes it really hard to stand out. Not that Guerillagames can't do it but its too soon to be tell really. Good luck to them and i hope they comeout with a great game.

man0fsteel4043d ago (Edited 4043d ago )

I think that the prediction about killzone is fueled by the fact that this author doesn't want to give his hopes up... which is what I think everyone fears in their own way :-/

But i'm still very optimistic about Killzone for the most part.

TANOD4043d ago

AND I am confident KZ2 would deliver with a MEGA TON


I am 100% confident and i can also predict that KZ2's online MP would be UNIQUE and AWESOME too

Blademask4042d ago

For some strange reason Sony titles have to break the mold everytime they come out.

"SOULESS" gameplay? Really, That could be used to describe any game out now, and most certainly the GOTY candidates.

I just hope this ridiculous attitude that Sony cant release anything BUT stellar goes away.

Here is a small example:

Halo3 Review: Great game, more of the same that we love. There are some technical issues, but they are completely overwhelmed by the scope of the entire game. Yes the singleplayer is short, but everyone knows to play Halo, you have to get online! 10/10

PS3 Title: Ok game, but we have seen it all before. Where is the innovation here? The gameplay mechanics are similar to gears of war, and jumping flash. There is nothing in this game that redefines the genre or human life as we know it. It is one of the best looking games we have seen on a console, which shows that the PS3 really does have the power. The gameplay is just fine. But the Story of the game is so cliche. A hero, with a goal? Come on Sony, bring us something we haven't seen before. The characters pail in comparisson to Orsen Wells' Citizen Kane. Also, the Color Harmony isn't vivid. And the stuff in the background that I cant see.. yeah.. that stuff is flat. 5/10

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TANOD4043d ago (Edited 4043d ago )

wow is that a prediction or abnormal outburst of a demented analyst?

KZ2 would redefine FPS just like Uncharted defined next gen graphics and enemy AI

demolitionX4043d ago

KZ2 will be a masterpiece! Guerrilla needs to focus on vehicles like the one they showed in E3 2005, the one with the gun shoting at the end of the trailer., the animation was amazing, explosions were surreal.

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