Trials Evolution: Going bigger, multiplayer, and female riders (interview)

Developer RedLynx (owned by Ubisoft) could have easily slapped an extra coat of paint on the Trials HD formula, added in a Modern Warfare-esque XP system, and sold plenty of units on hype alone. They certainly wouldn’t be the first to do so. GamesBeat sat down with Creative Director Antti Ilvessuo to see just how much of an evolution Trials has undergone.

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Yi-Long4107d ago

... excited about Trials Evolution. STill play and love TrialsHD, and this seems much bigger and better in every imaginable way!

I really hope that creating top-down racing levels will be easy enough so we can have tracks that are of the quality of Micro Machines 2 and other top-down classics.

THR1LLHOUSE4107d ago

I thought the last one looked really cool, but I never bought it for some reason.

This one, though, looks crazy awesome.

shaun mcwayne4107d ago

still no release date? i like to know when its out so i can plan my gaming schedule. geez.