OnLive Week In Review For February 26 – March 3, 2012

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OnLive Partners with IGF: Brings Demos of 16 IGF Game Nominees to Service. Until March 11 you can try out 16 games from the Independence Games Festival. Play the games and go to its Facebook page and LIKE it. On March 12 OnLive will announce which games have the most likes and which were played the most on OnLive.

OnLive Desktop now available for Android tablets. The OnLive Desktop app was first released on iPad back in January and is now available on Android devices. Alongside its release is the 1Gbps web browser which you can access for starting at $4.99 a month with their Desktop Plus subscription.

Chariot Wars is Coming to OnLive – PC Beta Signups Are Underway Chariot Wars is yet to be released on any platform but it’s all but confirmed for Onlive with the developer stating, “Definitely planned for Onlive”. It appears to be a vehicular combat game where your vehicle consists of chariots and horses.

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