Halo 4: Multiplayer, Plot & Gameplay Round Up

After speaking to 343 Industries and seeing Halo 4's single player and Multiplayer, NowGamer has created a round-up of everything they saw, including the MP maps Wraparound and Warhouse.

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fastrez2542d ago

Multiplayer sounds good. Keen to see what new thing they come up with.

-Alpha2541d ago

Highly disappointed with the idea of "Progressive unlocks" that alter gameplay. Many franchises have caved in to the cookie cutter model and if Halo does this, then I can only express doubt and pessimism

002541d ago

I think if they manage to balance it properly the game should be fine.

-Alpha2541d ago (Edited 2541d ago )

They all say that, but the minute you have a system that rewards a player with a gamechanger because he played longer, then that just isn't Halo.

There's no balance in that by definition

Winkle922541d ago (Edited 2541d ago )

If it makes anybody feel better about perks, here is a direct quote from O'Connor:

“I’ve responded to it a couple of times. There aren’t ‘perks’ in the game as being described here. And classic Halo is still there. But there are things we will be rolling out soon to put all of this discussion in a much better perspective and I suspect calm frayed nerves. …We didn’t mention them. That’s why I put it in quotes. That term was coined by someone else to interpret stuff they saw in the UI. Not a big deal in the grand scheme of things and to be expected during announce fervor. And yes, it’s partly our fault since we re rolling out more information about this stuff at a later time.”

Sounds like they're trying to keep the unlocks to a minimum, maybe in a way we haven't seen yet. Regardless, I really hope they don't have a big effect on gameplay. Keep Halo away from CoD.

urwifeminder2541d ago (Edited 2541d ago )

Its a problem these days people who sink 100 hrs online have more advantage to those who cant afford that time to play, maybe if they were wiped each game or actual rank restricted servers would help, so many games have a full team of max rank players vs rank 10.

Patriots_Pride2541d ago

Someone who puts 100hrs a week into a online mutli-player compared to someone who just puts in 50rhs and below per week are more likly to be better players anyway so not sure why your complaning.

SaffronCurse2541d ago

They should just stick with the Halo 3 ranks and unlocks.

Reach wasn't as worthwhile as it should have been...Stupid loadouts really killed it.

Intentions2541d ago

It probably won't be that kind of "Progressive unlocks". Well that's what i hope it is.

And lol at this "Halo 4 sees the return of the Warthog and Battle Rifle

Removed in Halo 3, the Battle Rifle weapon will return in Halo 4."

The br was in Halo 3...don't know what the writers talking about. Probably thinks it is reach.

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