Eurogamer - Street Fighter x Tekken Review

It's not the first time that two rival fighting game families have come together in a controversial, unexpected marriage. But when Capcom and SNK ran away together a decade ago, at least the two parties lived on the same side of town: 2D, sprite-based fighters that shared DNA and - in the case of some members of the Street Fighter and King of Fighters casts - a creator in Takashi Nishiyama.

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Boody-Bandit2539d ago (Edited 2539d ago )

Dang SFxTekken is getting pretty good ratings by nearly all outlets. I'm starting to actually get excited for this game. I might pick it up at midnight tonight instead of waiting till morning.

Boody-Bandit2539d ago (Edited 2539d ago )

What is with all the hate surrounding this title? I mean pound disagree until your finger bleeds but can someone explain this to me? Every article speaking positively about this title and N4G members posting positive responses are getting more disagrees than agrees. Why is that?

I mean I'm not stupid. I know it's because how far Capcom (hell my nickname for them is cashcom) is milking DLC and them bringing new iterations of the same title yearly BUT how does that differ from most other developers and publishers in the industry today. I don't see the same up in arms attitude under those devs and publishers articles.

It's the members prerogative to disagree / agree where they deem fit but at least be consistent, If not, you're just frauds and hypocrites.

At least Capcom does NOT ask for full retail with yearly iterations unlike most other publishers that have yearly releases. Love, like or hate Capcom, this is a whole new series and what most fight fans have been waiting on for over a decade.

Chuk52539d ago

Capcom has done some effed up ish. But I agree. At least it's not $60 a year for a minimal iteration. I mean AC became a yearly game, not very many people are pitchforking them. We have literally seen a 60 COD game every year since the series has started. I mean this game is at least really ambitious.

rjgbyrne2539d ago

AC has genuinely been developed as seperate games, this and the DLC has been teased as ye same game. It's exactly like the Catwoman issue, except Capcom want money. You know they are not doing the Rught thing, they know they aren't! Why call it anything other than a gouge. DLC needs regulation and MS and Sony need to implement it. I know it's just an opinion but it is fair in my book and protects all parties, consumers and developers alike. Why not throw in distribution rules to stop 2nd games being oversold. Give developers a royalty for each 'sale' regardless.
As it is at the moment, FU Capcom... You'll get my money from the bargain bin.