9.5 - Review: MLB 12 The Show (PS3)

It’s not the Groundhog that determines whether Spring will hit sooner than later, as everyone knows that the start of Spring is a constant, it’s the day that Spring Training starts! One other constant exists too, that MLB 12 The Show is being released and will devour the free-time of any Baseball fan that plays it.

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AutoCad2541d ago

Too bad the online gameplay is filled with lag.
Before you bombard me with the typical your fanboy comments.Check out operations sports.
Dynasty Mode sounds fun but with the online problems, i dont see how it will last.

Farsendor12541d ago

seems like a lot of sports games have a lot of lag might be different on 360 but on ps3 and pc a lot of sports games are laggy.

Farsendor12541d ago

not sure why we got disagrees for this is all the sports games i have played and they have all been laggy.

madden 10
fight night round 3
evolution soccer 12

haven't played many sports games but every time i have tried they always end up laggy. other then that this game should turn out just about perfect for us baseball fans.

Skateboard2541d ago

Can't wait to play this on my Vita, this review made my preorder feel good :)

dinkeldinkse2541d ago

Things in The Show like my RTS Pitcher being yanked with a one run lead in the 6th, 7th, 8th, or 9th inning because the other team ruined my perfect game. Seriously, why would you yank a guy that just lost his perfect game on a bullshit blooper?

JimboG2541d ago

Getting this tomorrow. Fap Fap Fap Fap

Tommy3342541d ago

Can you use the move online

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