11 new things we've learned about Halo 4 (with video)

GamesBeat has gleaned 11 pieces of new information on the next installment of Halo, including how multiplayer will be set up, what the progression system will be like, the new resolution, power-weapon timers, and more.

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THR1LLHOUSE2538d ago

I'm a complete sucker for customizable armor and stuff like that.


Deputydon2538d ago

While the customization of armor is great and all, I think the lack of specific weapon timer spawns is going to hurt the hard core online players.

A lot of the success Halo had with MLG was that it was such a balanced all around game, with so many thing to constantly keep in your head. Halo 3 got huge because of the little things. Everything from the sound of a weapon as you pick it up, let you know what weapon your opponent had before you even turned the corner.

Changing the timer spawns is changing a key component to what makes it so popular on the MLG circuit.

Sadie21002538d ago

That's a good point. Maybe it'll be an option...turned off by default (for mainstream gamers), something you can flip the switch on if need be (for pro players).

NagaSotuva2538d ago

Battle Rifle...that's all I need.

Sadie21002538d ago

Over the DRM? I feels like a BB gun now. :)

SybaRat2538d ago

I'll mourn the loss of dual-wield needlers, but we'll see what they replace it with.

Fishy Fingers2538d ago

Hopefully with something that actually requires you to aim.