First Halo 4 Details; Master Chief Information, More

A must have check list of Halo 4 features as mentioned behind closed doors by 343 Studios at the Microsoft Spring Showcase event.

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buffycrp2542d ago

the video on ign shows some multilayer footage states multiplayers are Spartan 4s and seems to confirm sprint but i cannot see any loadout space so hopefully only sprint

slate912542d ago

Please return multiplayer back to Halo 2 days? Core gameplay, no gimmicks, and clans would be a great return. Im getting excited!

Whore_Mouth2542d ago

After reading "more deeper" in the article, I couldn't take it seriously. Though all in all wasn't bad. Thanks for the news.

Nozzle2542d ago (Edited 2542d ago )

"Chief's armor has been redesigned"

I don't get how they could change it yet keep it in line with the story.

I mean does it just change like that and no reason is given why it's changed or has the armor somehow changed it's self.....

It was in the teaser trailer at E3 so I'm guessing he changed it when he was in confused.

"Multiplayer will be faster paced more visceral and intense but will keep the Halo flavour"

Not liking the sound of this, why does all online games these days change to be like each paced and more intense, it just ruins it in my opinion. Killzone 2 to K3.....Uncharted 2 to U3