Hardware Shipment vs. Sellthrough Historical Analysis - Through 12/23/2007

With hardware sales current through December 22nd in Others (comprised mostly of Europe and Australia), the Americas (comprised mostly of the United States and Canada), and hardware sales current through December 23rd in Japan, it is time for an updated look at how the rankings of top videogame systems have changed, and will be changing. For this update, data for Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft will be analyzed from Vgchartz sold data, and shipment data will be used from the big three.

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Anything but Cute4045d ago (Edited 4045d ago )

PS3 is gonna get crushed.

People are getting all excited just because VG chartz says PS3 had 1 week better than XBOX 360.

And now they are getting arrogant again. They are damn fools.

PS3 is still in trouble, it's gonna get crushed. So beware.

That's how peope are. They like to dwell on sh*t. They like to sit back and reflect on things and that's when you get crushed!!

MaximusPrime4045d ago

trust you? you're "anything but ugly."

ThaGeNeCySt4045d ago

isn't anything but "ugly" a compliment ? lol

WilliamRLBaker4045d ago

yeah gene the sonyfanboys aren't very good at the english language.
anything but ugly means, your any thing but ugly...your not ugly.

Just like demolition called Bloodmask a MORAN which turns out means great one.

4045d ago
4045d ago
bababrooks4045d ago (Edited 4045d ago )

shrimp , why do you spam? you pay for games, as i do! what do you get for spamming, bubbles , agrees or 120hz at 1080p in every game?

EDIT: another ? shrimp.

if you only have 1 cow in the field which 1 do you pick , but if you have many cows?

supermandead6664045d ago

l don't know which is sadder, me posting on vgchartz news or retarded xbot got no life still living with his parent basement and correcting peoples english language.

Real Gambler4045d ago

Her nickname is "anything but cute"

So she could be a loud mouth
She could be a litte boy with pimples
She could be the Mart, Bloodmask, POG, etc.

Now, looking at her avatar, MaximusPrime said: "anything but ugly"

So she could be a loud mouth
She could be a litte boy with pimples
She could be the Mart, Bloodmask, POG, etc.

See, the door is still WIDE open. What's wrong with a compliment?

Jandre024045d ago

The PS3 has outsold the Xbox360 this holiday season. The PS3 has sold more than the 360 did in its first yet. By the end of 08 the PS3 will have a better software lineup.

Where in there does the 360 have a chance again? Trust you?

For once I wanna see an Xbox fan explain HOW exactly the 360 will begin to outsell the PS3 again? Its only the US and UK. The PS3 is about even in Australia now.

How will that happen, since every system seller coming to the 360 is coming to the PS3 as well?

zapass4044d ago

you nailed it:

- if we trust cute little babies, ps3 will be crushed
- if we look at the facts, ps3 is an unstoppable tsunami

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whoelse4045d ago (Edited 4045d ago )

You obviously have no idea about the PS3 and what lies ahead if you give that sort of responce Anything but Cute!

Clinton5144045d ago

It's all about getting ad views/click troughs. You guys need to stop putting money into their pockets.

FPS nut4045d ago

Stop a clickin and they won't keep on a tickin.

gnothe14045d ago

thats the same thing thats going on with N4G. the more traffic they get from these fanboy fights the more popular this site becomes. has anybody noticed the ad thats been showing up lately, there getting better an better advertisers on here because of the foolish traffic this site gets!! thats why this back an forth fanboy crap is NEVER gonna stop on this site. it makes them money so i cant blame them for promoting this crap. ever notice this biggest stories are negative 360 or PS3 stories an i wonder why!!

solar4045d ago

GT found this out and is posting ever ps3 vs 360 movie that can :(

Real Gambler4045d ago

Sadly, there was a time when this site was a good source for news...

akaFullMetal4045d ago (Edited 4045d ago )

what this shows is that, japan supports nintendo in japan ok, ok in america, and ok in other parts of the world
for sony, japan supports it ok, america great, and other parts great as well

for microsoft, japan supports it awfully, america supports it great, and other parts ok

in all of sony's products its been ok, great and great, and it looks by the chart its on the same track, so unless microsoft can get great support to japan and or atleast the other parts of the country, then i dont think microsoft will be able to beat the ps3 in sales in a few years

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