Street Fighter X Tekken Review (GodisaGeek)

GodisaGeek: "Street Fighter X Tekken - Akuma Punch

I had been intrigued by the relationship between Capcom and Namco for many years, and always fancied trying out the results of their last collaboration, the unfortunately Japanese-only tactical RPG Namco X Capcom. Thankfully, as I pour one out in memory of my man the late Biggie Smalls, I can try out Street Fighter X Tekken, which hits UK stores on the anniversary of his tragic shooting. It is quite fitting really, as Smalls clearly loved a bit of Street Fighter, in between “flipping coke in corner store bodegas” he was out in the back room taking on scrubs who would dare step to his apparently quite-tasty Dhalsim; “Street Fighter 2, I’m inviting you” indeed. The question I ask is this: is this long awaited meeting of the fighting giants a Juicy treat, or is it just a load of Party and Bullshit? And did I really just kick off a review using two hip hop joints in a decidedly odd analogy?"

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