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StifflerK2546d ago

Cool , I'd like to see a few for autovista mode also!

otherZinc2546d ago

Great! Day 1 buy.

Will this be free with the $30 dlc pack or separate?

Either way, I'm buying.

FordGTGuy2546d ago

Separate, it comes out May which is the month after the last DLC that comes with the season pass. This Porsche expansion is going to cost $20, no doubt a result of the deal with EA, Microsoft probably had to pay a crap load to get this deal.

mcstorm2546d ago

Sounds good loving the work Turn10 have done with this game but I would also like a few more tracks in the DLC too please.

creeping judas2546d ago

I would love more tracks, don't care that much for more cars, but sure would love more tracks!!

mcstorm2546d ago

I wonder if enough people send an message to T10 asking for Track DLC they would give us some?

MariaHelFutura2546d ago

It's not a "car", it's a PORSCHE.

hennessey862546d ago

When turn 10 gave us track DLC in Forza 3 hardly anyone bought them so the question is, is there really enough of us out there who are bothered about new tracks to make it worth Turn 10 putting in the effort.

FordGTGuy2546d ago

Tracks take a whole lot longer to make than cars, we might see 1 or 2 track DLCs if any for Forza 4. It takes around 6 months to make a track DLC, remember only a small part of Turn 10 works on DLC the rest are working on Forza 5.

mcstorm2546d ago

I understand that but i do feel this is the only problem with forza 4. I cant get enough of the game but i wish there were more tracks to race on.

Patriots_Pride2546d ago ShowReplies(1)
360GamerFG2546d ago

Woohoo!! 3 cheers for the good guys!

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The story is too old to be commented.