Are All Games Scary In The Horror/Survival Genre?

Some of the best games in genre are the ones that leave you completely unarmed or with very little. I find it hard for games to be scary when I’m carrying more ways to kill things than ideas in my head. A baseball bat, a knife, and maybe a pistol is fine, but I think an automatic machine gun or a rocket launcher is where we go from fighting for are lives to going for a leisurely stroll down massacre lane. The Fear series is the biggest offender of too much action, even with a part in Fear 2 where you pilot something that resembles the AT-ST walker from Star Wars. As I said before, most creatures in good survival horror games exist as an obstacle, and you normally only have a few options around; hide, sneak around it, or kill it. The third option is the most unlikely one since you probably are either weaponless or have no effective way of dealing with the creature. Without the option of simply blowing something’s head off, you start to dread and fear every time you have to deal with them. Once again raising the tension and the pants wetting factor.

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