Top 5 Action RPGs Before Mass Effect 3

With a few days before release, here are the 5 games Mass effect 3 needs to beat to be the very best. Like no one ever was.

Mass Effect 3 is only days away and after last week’s paranoid but probably realistic rant we take a look at the 5 games that currently sit at the top of the pile.

Each game on this list is an excellent nugget of gaming fun and should be tapped at your earliest convenience, and you should call the next morning as well.

They are not perfect though. All great games will have many facets of brilliance but here we’re looking at each game for a particular feature or two. Something that game did better than any other that has come before.

In the bar of Action RPGs these guys have a reserved table at the back and the cutest waitress gets assigned to them. No one looks them directly in the eye.

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Kiriel2541d ago

And considering that the RPG elements will probably be almost non-existent in ME3, these 5 will STILL be the top 5 action RPGs after ME3s release. :)

AfricanWoolf2540d ago

I'm withholding all judgment until after I play. I'm going to have faith, unfounded though it may be.

Hope makes life more interesting (and far more depressing but its a small price to pay :D)

Knight_Cid2541d ago


I wouldnt pick any of those over ys, kingdom hearts, fallout or any number of other games

AfricanWoolf2540d ago

Different opinions, its what makes us humans great.

No arguments against your picks, these are just mine.

More excited for Fallout 4 than I can properly convey without expletives though :D

Knight_Cid2540d ago

your picks made me question if you played through them all.

Espcecially Kingdom of A, which a mediocre game

AfricanWoolf2540d ago

Have you actually played any of the games on the list? Right through to the final credits I mean?

To me, they are outstanding. KoA is, like I said, rough around the edges but I named it because of it's sheer scope.

Disagree with me, fine, but just because we have differing opinions it does not mean I somehow have not played the games all the way through. I have.

You're welcome to your opinion, diversity is the spice of life. It makes life interesting.

Otherwise we'd all just be nodding at each other in mutual agreement. :P

Knight_Cid2540d ago

I played all the games Including the torture that was KOA. Scope is irrelevant if everything is generic within that scope

Kal8532540d ago

Jade Empire, which BioWare made right before the first Mass Effect, was actually spectacular. I've played it more times than I can count. It remains one of my favorite games.

AfricanWoolf2540d ago

It is magnificent, my hope is that we get a sequel after ME3.

I decided not to include it only because I'm trying to stick to newer games in my articles. I think it makes for more interesting articles, that's the idea anyway.

Jade Empire 2 makes me happy just thinking about it ^^

Kal8532540d ago (Edited 2540d ago )

Fair enough. I just mentioned it because it was, literally, the action rpg they made right before Mass Effect, which was the title of the article. You can't get much more recent than being directly before something.

I totally agree about hoping for a Jade Empire sequel.

AfricanWoolf2540d ago

I Hear what you're saying but Mass Effect 1 is even too old. I'm trying to keep to games within the last year or so.

I made an exception for the previous Mass Effect titles since the article was slanted towards the end of the trilogy.

I know it's a weird stance to take but I think it makes for more current articles. It also makes use of the unique position I am in as a game writer - I've played all the latest games.

Regardless of what you're considering purchasing or have played, seeing the latest games compared or written about seems more interesting, at least when its appropriate.

I think my next article will be the top 5 most wanted sequels...then I can write about Jade Empire, Mirrors Edge and Dark Messiah of Might and Magic..

In fact I've decided. Come back next week and I'll have written it :D