Street Fighter X Tekken Review -The Digital Fix

The Digital Fix squares up to Street Fighter X Tekken.

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portugamer2541d ago

I have more then 50 games this generation, I didn't even buy street fighter 5, any mortal kombat, soulcalibur,etc etc. None. And I was a big fan of street fighter.

I think its because we have and incredible quality and quantity, this generation, I don't see myself finishing street fighter with every single guy, and play it for 80 hours. I simply don't have the time.

But a good mortal kombat, with the fatalities, hmm, so good :)

FlashXIII2541d ago

Didn't really make much sense to me but I think anything you said after "I didn't even buy street fighter 5" loses credibility purely because you clearly have no idea about street fighter.

portugamer2540d ago

I've played street fighter games,like thousand hours.
even bought the remix hd from psn.

I wanted to say that a few years ago, there weren't the huge amount of games we have this generation. even if I love sf, I totally skipped it this generation, and with the thousands of hours needed to finish my games, I didn't dare buying street fighter, not because I don't like it, but because I wouldn't have the xx hours this game deserves.

the day it's more calm, and we don't have dozens of great titles released the same month,like this March, I will pick it, and will have fun playing it.

even if you disagreed, I hope now it's more clear :)