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Adam Radcliffe delivers his verdict on thatgamecompanys latest visual spectacle.

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mightyles2541d ago

I have subscribed to Playstation Plus to get this game early. The free downloads of Resident Evil 2 and 3 didn't hurt either :)

Snookies122541d ago

Man this game is getting such amazing scores... I really really need to play it haha.

portugamer2541d ago

I'm a psn plus ,when will we be able to buy it? I can't wait anymore.

MK24ever2541d ago

hey, I had a website "Portugamer" XD

itsactuallyadam2541d ago

release date is 14th of March, week early for ps+ members so you can get it in a couple of days.

portugamer2541d ago


I'll be checking the psn every day,from now on.
I hope they will sell 1million units. that would bring some cash, and they could make another 2 or 3 great games, or even a big and awesome boxed game.

with some good million $, if they were able to keep their creativity and passion, I wonder what they would be able to do, on a big project.

but maybe it's better if they remain 'small', we may get less content, like 2 or 3 hours games, instead of 10 or more hours, but with much more quality.

portugamer2541d ago

I was trying to find a simple nickname, and though country + gamer = portugamer.

At least, if people want to offend me, they know where to start :)