Unboxing the Mass Effect 3 N7 Collector's Edition

GR - "EA Singapore's ery own FemShep runs through the contents of the N7 Collector's Edition for the Xbox 360."

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chriski3332538d ago

Sounds good now show us ur boobs!

otherZinc2538d ago (Edited 2538d ago )

That was great.

Now, I can guarantee EA this: if I'm not able to buy 2 (for my son & I) Collectors Editions today or tonight; I'll never buy an EA product ever again!

And yes, I attempted to pre-order N7 Collectors more than 3 weeks ago!

It isn't because of the dlc extras, its the fact that I have every Collectors or Legendary edition of every Great game ever made.

This is a Great Series & EA has officially F****D the loyal Mass Effect Consumer.

OmegaSaiyanX2538d ago

I had pre-ordered ME 3 CE back in June last year and GAME in the UK cancelled on me a week before release so I quickly found another online retailer selling it last week and paid for it in advance.

So just because you attempted to order it 3 weeks ago you are flipping out? Are you for real??

What has you owning every legendary/Collectors edition got to do with it? If you got that much money to burn why are you again flipping out? Just got to ebay as you are clearly that desperate and cannot live unless you have a CE.

Actually its not a great series, its an OK series, ME 1 was superb as an RPG, ME2 turned out to be a action shooter with some RPG and ME3 seems like a mix of everything again but now broken down into a choice factor of whether you want a shooter, story or rpg.

Also EA hasnt done anyone over just because you cant seem to get the CE not sure where you are buy I am paying £65 for this which is around $100 which is a lot considering what you get.

ipe2538d ago

And this was 70 pounds??
Thx God i skipped

DJ2538d ago

Wow, they really skimped on that art book. They must have spent an extra $4 to give us everything that's in the $80 collectors edition. =/

Oh well, already bought the N7 Edition online. Guess I just have to deal with it.

PooEgg2538d ago

This article lost me at 'FemShep'... it is hard to take it seriously... imagine if every male game reviewer did this, using MaleShep or GuyHawke to point out that they are a male who uses a male character, they would be laughed at, because it sounds ridiculous. It is excellent that you are a female gamer, the world needs a lot more of them, but hearing Shepard called FemShep just makes me cringe.

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