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It is hard nowadays to really just sit down and be a weekend gamer; punching through a title in a little over 12 hours and enjoying the faults and the fancy as they come to you. Gaming has pretty much evolved to a state of sublime perfection, as games now have deep stories, impeccable gameplay, crisp graphics, and awesome multiplayer, sometimes we just forget to have fun with it all. Good or bad, games are always designed to be fun, which is why people can pick their guilty pleasures from any game out there, even those that are technically bad.

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Seventh_Blood_Reborn2541d ago (Edited 2541d ago )

This game is getting a lot of hate that does not deserves.

At who is interested in this game: don 't be fooled by those low scores, no game is perfect but this game is not bad at all.

Very good graphics.
Very good effects.
Music is a little repetitive, but never annoying.
Great story, a lot better that the average of this generation.
Very solid gameplay ( trust system is a good idea ).
Great characters and cutscenes.
Online competitive mode con be improved, but it' s fun and it takes tactic.
Can' t talk for cooperative because I still have to try it.

Overall IMO it deserves at least an 8/10 ( consider that I would never give a 10/10 to a game, max 9.5/10 ).

If you want a good TPS with a great story you have to seriously consider this title.

Hicken2541d ago

Well, the review reads like the score does, at least, but I HAVE noticed that it's on the lower end of the spectrum for the scores the game's received elsewhere.