MIT Engineer Turns Sketches into Interactive Mechanical Systems

An MIT engineer has created a piece of software that allows you to sketch something as you would on paper, and then interact with the design as a mechanical system. (TechEBlog, 12/26/2007)


In a separate video listed under Alternative Sources, MIT Professor Randall Davis demos and narrates the sketching simulation.

A different but similar project, Crayon Physics by Kloonigames, involves sketching in colors on a tablet PC. The link to a video demo of Crayon Physics (with smoothing music) is listed under Alternative Sources.

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GlossGreen4039d ago

a crappy version of LBP.

Darkiewonder4039d ago (Edited 4039d ago )


reminds me of Crayon Physics.

EDIT: Funny that I get disagrees but the update includes Crayon Physics Now ;3

tmatte4039d ago

Yeah, I wish crayon physics had more levels. But yeah I love this stuff, physics engines can produce infinite amounts of fun.

BrianC62344039d ago

I don't think it's like LittleBigPlanet. More like some demos Sony engineers did recently to show off their new camera. They made some quick demos to let them draw and bring things into the demo. One was a tank game. You draw the shape of a tank and it becomes part of the game.

Another demo let them scan objects and it would be in the PS3. Then they could do things with it. Their demos are much better than this one. And don't require a huge board to draw on.

Sjtrigger4039d ago

old...this has been announced several months ago.

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Kakkoii4037d ago (Edited 4037d ago )

Yeah it's VERY old, but this person doesn't think so. But this DID come out over a year ago.

But it's still a very cool project. And having it on the news again will allow more people to see it.