Nvidia Named Forbes' Company of the Year

Financial publication Forbes has named PC graphics card manufacturer Nvidia its 2007 Company of the Year, as reported in the January 7, 2008 issue of the magazine.

Forbes points to Nvidia's current advantage in the graphics market as well as its incredible growth as a company, over the last five years and in the last year particularly, as the reasoning behind the honor -- the company's revenues are at $4 billion, up 33% year over year, and its profits are at $900 million, up 50% year over year, while its share price is up 2100% since its 1999 IPO.

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pacman6154044d ago

maybe that has part to do with the ps3 since it uses their gpu...anyways good for them yo

Marceles4044d ago (Edited 4044d ago )

Thanks Nvidia for releasing video cards people pay for just to not be top-of-the-line the next week and dropping the price of the card we just bought and making us feel stupid.

ElementX4043d ago

I'm going to build a new PC next month and I'm getting a video card with a Nvidia chipset

rofldings4043d ago

NVidia really deserves it. Seriously, they raped so hard...

mboojigga4043d ago

Not one person, forum, magazine, or website have I seen any complaints about for this company all year. They have stayed on top of their game for the last 2 years. The same can be said about Intel too.

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