Video: Now playing on GT TV

Japanese gamers have been enjoying access to GT TV in Gran Turismo 5 Prologue. This feature is a wet dream come true for car fanatics, as it gives them access to some of the world's best automotive programming -- some which has never been available internationally before! We're certain that people will love getting Top Gear and the likes on their TVs. Check out what you're missing in this new video.

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Lumbo4584d ago

Lol at the Autobahn comment in the trailer ^_^

resistance1004583d ago

Love this feature, i use it most days. I'm going to pick up a PAL copy of this game aswell so i can download the greatest tv show of all time - Top Gear ^_^

Seriously people some may moan about the price of the game when its launched, but you do get alot more content than you might think

perseus4583d ago

I think Top Gear will be available to all, you'll just have to wait to have it translated for your Japanese version.

There are a lot of GT fans looking forward to seeing it here, so I think they'll be annoyed if we don't get it.

Guwapo774583d ago

I can not wait to see all the things they will add to this in future updates. I remember reading you'll be able to buy actual cars through this game(full version). If that will become a reality or not is yet to be seen.