VGchartz:Worldwide Hardware Charts For Week Ending 22nd december 2007

DS: 2,046,652
PSP: 725,370
PS2: 623,899
PS3: 619,388
Xbox 360: 594,520
GC: 6,193
Total= 6,187,456

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TANOD4045d ago (Edited 4045d ago )

2008 sees bigger difference

The god of all games FF13 would be unleashed on PS3 in 2008

MGS4,KZ2,GOW3 ---PS3 would be on a killing spree in 2008

@All whiners

I still dont trust VGCHARTS

I believe their PS3 numbers are wayy off and their x360 NA and EU numbers are wayy exaggerated (inflated)

360sucks4045d ago

ps3 sold more software than 360 this week
and the 360 has 2x installed base
o sh!t

Fisher3394045d ago (Edited 4045d ago )

I can't believe that the ps3 beat the 360 in software sales
I'm a ps3 owner I don't see how that's possible...

360 has a bigger install base and a great software lineup, but lose in software sales the week before Chirstmas?

Wow @ sony

Edit: after looking at the numbers the ps3 has outsold xbox 360 every week after the 17th of november.

TripleTags4045d ago

all consoles .. 2008 will be a good year for playstation but a better year for gamers.

Real Gambler4045d ago

We will see a pretty big price cut on the 360 in January. Very interesting software numbers for sure.

ThaGeNeCySt4045d ago

I thought you didn't care for VGchartz anymore?

testerg354045d ago

Amazing how you like to use VGCHARTZ when it shows PS3 is ahead, but talk about how much it sucks when 360 shows a lead.

Snukadaman4045d ago

either that or he used all of his extra accounts too agree with himself...cmon n4g owners..why dont you flush this turd down the toilet you people condone this sort of sheit because it brings more revenue or what...lets try and renew the reputation of this website because its people like tanod/nasim/hotshot who ruin it. ps3 sold over does that even break into the 15 million it has sold allready ohh yeaa.

CodeMonkey14045d ago Show
Ju4045d ago

BTW: SW charts do not contain US numbers. Those (US) still show the last week. But, at least, for the time being good numbers.

The Killer4045d ago

what muslims have to do with ps3 kicking the sh!t out of 360 world wide with all 360 biggest games in history?

and when u say muslims u r referring to 1.5 billion persons D!ck head!

AngryTypingGuy4045d ago

"I still dont trust VGCHARTS

I believe their PS3 numbers are wayy off and their x360 NA and EU numbers are wayy exaggerated (inflated"

I guess VG Charts is part of the massive evil conspiracy against Sony. Poor Sony. Everyone is always out to get them.

AngryTypingGuy4044d ago

Aw c'mon Codemonkey1, don't let a few hundred million bad apples spoil the whole bunch.

(great Colin Quinn line)

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Lightning Mr Bubbles4045d ago (Edited 4045d ago )

PSP: 725,370
PS2: 623,899
PS3: 619,388

Sony family of game products doing pretty well. I think the PS3 has a future.

TANOD4045d ago


PS3 will also outsell the Wii

just see what happens in 2008


sonarus4045d ago

lol you keep sayign the ps3 has a future yet you sold your ps3 for a 360.

darthv724045d ago

if sony were to have dropped ps2 support in favor of more aggressive ps3 support.

Meus Renaissance4045d ago

I agree with you 100% but its sort of a catch 22. If they drop PS2 support, profits cease but if they don't, the PS3 will suffer.

cooke154045d ago

i think the nintendo consoles pretty much rape the sony ones in a sales sense.

Ju4045d ago

I doubt that ditching the PS2 would have helped the PS3. First, it's a different price segment. Nothing which the PS3 could have had compensated fully. I would speculate, it would have been filled by other low price products. And second, the Sony console gaming (not counting the PSP) still has twice as many sales then the 360, and 50% of those machines make real profit. I think by loosing that pillar, the PS3 would even be more expensive. The PS2 might still compensate for PS3 losses. All in all, its pretty amazing, the PS2 & PS3 sold in these numbers. No doubt, exceptional Nintendo numbers...and good PSP sales as well. It will really be interesting to see, how M$ will counter. They either need a mobile product (?? risky - another one ?) or need to push their 360 sales to make it attractive as a global player. US is covered, but if global PS3 SW sales will start to run away, M$ is in serious trouble.

ravinash4045d ago

yes, I think Nintendo’s figures rapes everyone else's left, right and centre.
Its a bit of a slut like that.

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TANOD4045d ago (Edited 4045d ago )


Go UNCHARTED ---The best looking game of all time (till date)

bababrooks4045d ago

shame your limited to a 3+ game! did your big brother tell you about uncharted?
the way you post shows your age and ability to discuss games wee man!
true gamers are

tmatte4044d ago

Are you serious? 20 agrees? Maybe the best looking console game to date, but Crysis' visuals >>>> Uncharted's.

CeruleanSky4045d ago is no longer able to inflate the 360 worldwide numbers enough to make a difference anymore.

Last year when the 360 was in the 7-8 million range and vgchartz had the 360 listed with the now infamous bogus '10.5 million sold' numbers it was significant. But over time as console sales move into the 10-20 million range you really can't inflate numbers enough to make a significant difference without getting caught having your worldwide sold numbers higher than the actual shipment numbers for a console.

TANOD4045d ago

VGCHARTS x360 numbers are way INFLATED especially the French sales

in OCTOBER too VGCHARTS inflated x360 sales by 180 000 units and 60 000 units for November

at the same time VGCHARTS downgraded PS3's NOVEMBER sales by 50 000 units

I request VGCHARTS authorities to FIX their numbers for PS3 ,X360 and Wii

VGCHARTS wii sales are i think inflated by as much as 2/3m

Genuine4045d ago (Edited 4045d ago )

It looks like GT5 was enough to move enough ps3's to outsell the 360 by 25,000 units (according to vgchartz anyway) for december. Just think, another 279 monthes like this and the ps3 will have caught the 360.

25,000 x 4 monthes= 100,000
10 x 100,000= 1 million units
4 x 10= 40 monthes
40 x 7(360's lead in millons)= 280 monthes

Horny4045d ago

its 25,000 a week, not a month, just a little to help ur calculations

Genuine4044d ago

O.K. then that's 69 more monthes like this and the ps3 will catch the 360. 69 monthes, what is that almost 6 years.

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Lightning Mr Bubbles4045d ago (Edited 4045d ago )

I just wanted to say that, because it sounds funny.

360 getting spanked...

360 is the champion of champions, how does the champion of champions get spanked?