Jet set Radio HD Trailer

Jet Set Radio is coming to a downloadable network near you. This game got great reviews and has addicting gameplay not to mention some wacky characters. Originally developed for the Dreamcast by Sega this title was one of the solid line ups the now extinct system had. Two years later Jet Set Radio Future the follow-up to this great game was released on the Xbox, sadly no news on when a true sequel will come out for the Jet Set Radio series. Until gamers will have to make due with a re-release of the original. Stay tuned for more info regarding the price and when this gem will be available for download. Here is a trailer to tide you over until we get a solid summer release date.

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SuperLupe2546d ago

Proof that dreams come true..

Kyosuke_Sanada2546d ago

Good to see a great full game being released amidst the DLC madness......

AusRogo2546d ago

Yeees! Now, shenmue, and sonic adventure 2 sega! Also , having a full trophy/achievement list couldnt hurt either :D


Should this title be released as a HD collection with both titles similar to MGS HD collection and Zone of Enders Collection?