Robert Griffin III could be ‘best rookie’ in history of Madden, says EA

TheBottomTicker writes, "If fans thought Michael Vick was scary to defend against in last year’s Madden title, look out for Robert Griffin III in this year. There is now another dual threat quarterback to worry defensive coordinators. And to top it off, Griffin might not only be faster than Vick in Madden NFL 13, but Madden “Ratings Czar” Donny Moore things he could be the best rookie in the history of the Madden gaming franchise."

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ElementX2539d ago

Looks like Eddie Murphy

dinkeldinkse2538d ago

Some of the Madden ratings are usually retarded. I remember Vince Young and Michael Vick being criminally overrated in some of the previous titles.

ddelella2538d ago

Another overrated QB. Why not just put him on the Madden cover and curse him now.