How Do You Think Capcom Will Respond To The On-Disc DLC?

Gaming Blend "...gamers have become accustomed to a healthy smorgasbord of DLC for a number of different games, however most of the DLC has been to extend the life of the game or to add extra optional content that wasn't already available for the's a little like the cash shop content from freemium games. However, the latest find with the on-disc DLC for Street Fighter X Tekken has raised a lot of questions for gamers, especially the most important one of them all: How will Capcom respond to the news?

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LOGICWINS2544d ago

"Of course, many Capcom fans still want to know how the company will respond to this fiasco and I would be lying if I said I wasn't just as curious to know exactly how they plan to rectify this problem."

Capcom could probably ignore this whole thing for a week or so and the game would still sell buttloads in its first week. Unfortunately, most Capcom fans have demonstrated that they enjoy being wallet raped this generation. If you look at Bioware and Capcom forums etc., its pretty obvious that most people don't care that they're being taken advantage of.

Nitrowolf22544d ago

Yep. They'll ignore it then come out and say they weren't on the disc or just release them for a price still.

I bet they will take the RE5 co-op route, say it's BS and claim the game is packed with enough content

Outside_ofthe_Box2544d ago

I'm glad you are finally seeing that certain DLC are taking advantage of gamers.

LOGICWINS2544d ago

Glad I've seen the light as well. We need to keep fighting this by protesting on forums and such.

Titanz2544d ago

Though you must be mindful of the opposite group viewing your comment, and refrain yourself from using offensive words to prove a point.

TheHater2544d ago (Edited 2544d ago )

This is why I will never buy a capcom game new. The last capcom game I bought new was Devil May Cry 4 and I saw the direction the company was heading. Since then, I either buy them used or borrow them from my friends.

Edit: People are actually surprised by this?

ThanatosDMC2544d ago

I'm still sad about DMC4. It's like Capcom got my hopes up and then turns on me to kick me in the nuts repeatedly.

badz1492544d ago

they will just do it again for their next game!

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jacksonmichael2544d ago

I don't think they will respond. They're Capcom. They've already shown that they're willing to just absorb bad press.

CarlitoBrigante2544d ago

Meh, I will be buying the PS VITA version, 12 exclusive characters PLUS the 5 Sony exclusive characters!

christheredhead2544d ago

They will respond to the on disc DLC, with more DLC. You'll be mesmerized by the new upcoming costumes that you'll probably forget this whole fiasco even occurred.

Hufandpuf2544d ago

I think everyone at Capcom needs a shoryuken to the face.

soundslike2544d ago (Edited 2544d ago )

They need a raging demon to their collective ego

Majin-vegeta2544d ago (Edited 2544d ago )

Lol funny thing is i was at Gamestop earlier and i was about to pre order this game then i logged on to N4G and saw this i was like f*ck that so i just left.

Edit:Ono "We didn't have enough time to add them".

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The story is too old to be commented.