Exclusive Street Fighter IV impressions by 1UP

By now you've heard of Capcom's late '07 surprise announcement, Street Fighter IV, the game that promises to end the decade-long Street Fighter drought. This is the game that hopes to rejuvenate the 2D fighting scene that peaked during the Street Fighter II era, and has steadily dwindled since. Not an easy task for SFIV producer Yoshinori Ono, a longtime Capcom veteran who previously worked on Shadow of Rome, Onimusha: Dawn of Dreams, and most significantly -- in relation to SFIV, anyway -- SFIII: Third Strike, among others. In case you haven't read Electronic Gaming Monthly's exhaustive breakdown exclusive first look at SFIV, 1UP offer this recap and their impressions of the game as they know it thus far.

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picker3324041d ago

Is it only me who think's that the graphic is like a n64 game or something.
But i quess that's what Street Fighter is all about.
If it was the same graphic's like,well almost every fighting games then it would be well like every fighting game(a flop).
But its the graphic that makes this game so cool for fanboy's atleast.personally i dont think so.
But that's me.

Well Peace Out!

Skerj4041d ago

I'm a huge SF fanboy and I'm not wowed by the graphics by a long shot. It looks like Powerstone with SF characters, but I'm holding out all judgments until I see it in motion and play it for myself.

Marceles4041d ago

Yeah it does look like Power Stone. I know it's Chun Li's stage...but it also reminds me of that Power Stone stage with the fountain, like I can see Ryu and Ken frog leaping over chairs and throwing chickens at each other. I can also see Viewtiful Joe flying in and spinning around and posing. They really should put this back on the drawing board...literally. Enhanced Street Fighter III hand-drawn sprites or something...reminscent of the trailer that everyone went crazy over until these screenshots showed up.

That picture of Ryu kicking is funny btw...looks like Ken found a *in Kai's voice* "weak point for maximum damage"

InMyOpinion4041d ago

They should have went with a more mature look.

NEO_X4041d ago

but come on 64?????????
go play a 64 game again i think you have forgotten how terrible they looked (compared to now)

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akumous4041d ago

I hate how this game looks....revert to high res 2d please capcom..I am not buying this

Jinxstar4041d ago

I love how in street fighter the people just stand around and dont run screaming for there lives.

fredy4041d ago (Edited 4041d ago )

Chun-Li's stage, well they usually stand there and cheer. I wonder if they will interact with the players during battle...

Sker well see what I'm talking about why don't they show you a new area from Chun-li's town instead of Market Square or at least 3 different stages for everyone?

Skerj4041d ago (Edited 4041d ago )

It is Chun Li's stage, I'm hoping they don't just redo everyone's stage from SFII in 3d. For the returning roster that is.


I fully agree with you there, if it's taking place after SFII then I hope they're using different levels for everyone.

ScentlessApprentice74041d ago

They are not amazing, but then again what 2d fighter really makes people jump out of their seats and run like a bullet to the store just for purchase.

I just hope it still retains that old Street Fighter Charm and doesn't attempt to be too much like Virtua Fighter or something (and they need to bring back Rolento from Street Fighter Alpha).

Was Street Fighter III any good? I honestly only played it like maybe a couple times at the arcade but thats it.

OldParr4041d ago

someone post the link with the biggest comeback of streetfighter history

Marceles4041d ago

The comeback

The whole match

Always makes me feel better after seeing these screenshots

Skerj4041d ago

Comeback and Daigo are like synonymous, hah we all knew what you were talking about. I still get all emotional when I see that.

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