20 Sides of Nerd S20E08 - David Sirlin

Special guest David Sirlin of Sirlin Games joins 20 Sides of Nerd’s hosts Draeno and Emdee. Together they talk about the path David took in creating his own games like Yomi and Puzzle Strike, issues with patent and copyright in games, and the struggles of creating a “balanced” fighting game or deck based game. He even takes the time to answer some pointed questions from podcast listeners via Twitter. As a special bonus he drops some information on his newest game that is his “answer to Magic the Gathering.”

David joins the crew as they talk about some normal news items like DLC/addon thoughts and the drama around Capcom’s Cross Assault and Street Fighter vs. Tekken. Afterwards the news about the success of the Raspberry Pi, the leak of Assassin’s Creed 3 and ethical quandaries, next gen console rumors, and video game/comic book crossovers.

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