Guitar Hero part of Homemade Christmas Light Show

An interesting video found on YouTube showing what some people did with some modding, coding, lights, and Guitar Hero. Enjoy!


This video is actually a software called Frets on Fire which you can use a Guitar Hero controller. So now, enjoy!
Thanks, Run2Gun

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pspmaniac4038d ago

Wwwooowwww.... Some people have way to much time on their hands...

davidadrake4038d ago

This is not Guitar Hero, it is "Frets on Fire." It is actually not that bad on the PC, but you have to use the Xplorer controller - unless you want to rock out with your keyboard, which is a little strange.


GunShotEddy4038d ago

The title is misleading and completely false. As my report and the previous comment states, this is Frets on Fire. It's freeware. Heck, even the video says it. So the person who submitted it didn't even watch the video.