Wipeout HD: 1080p, 60fps and jaw-droppingly gorgeous

Andrew Yoon from's PS3fanboy talks about the upcoming PS3 title 'Wipeout HD':

Did you hear that thud? That's the sound of our jaws accelerating to the floor, smashing into a million tiny pieces. New images of Wipeout HD have surfaced at PlayFrance, and they look absolutely stunning.

What makes this more impressive is that all of these images will be running in full 1080p HD resolution, and at a silky smooth 60fps. That's almost unheard of in this generation of games. Imagine how exhilarating it will be to race these stunning tracks with Wipeout's trademark sense of speed.

The French interview also reveals a few other interesting tidbits. Development of the game started less than a year ago, with a team of only six people. The team has grown to about 30 people now, with 3 of them having worked on the original PS1 Wipeout so many years ago. Although the game is just an HD version of the PSP games, the reworked textures and graphics will make it feel like a completely different experience. Also, expect licensed music from Kraftwerk, Mason, DJ Fresh and Stanton Warriors to return -- this time in glorious 5.1 surround sound. We can't wait for more.

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But I would check it out at least


nothing but garbage opinions being passed off as facts on this site.

it seems gaming is a religion to some, but fanboyism is the terrorist threat in this site.

these posts are ridiculous. as are the multiple account holders who return to spread even more hate and further degrade this site into nothingness.

admins need to ip ban. pronto. drop the ip ban bomb on these suckas and watch n4g clean itself up.

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damn well said Darkknight - these people are like a terrorist cell. They sit and wait in the shadows then pop out firing verbal diarrohea at people like napalm. I cant comment what "Geniune" might have said (but given its been reported as spam, its hardly going to be positive) but the ps3tards response has been shocking. If only the admins would ban people like HarryEtTubMan, Tanod, DarkSniper, TheMart, Zhuk etc, (probably all the same person, suffering from split personality disorder meaning he has to argue with himself) this site would be a bareable community again.

Bubbles for you sir - shame not enough people agree with you.

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These guys are more honest than the supposed neutral sites like 1UP Gamespot IGN etc. Did you read their game of year/Disappointment of 2007?

Notice how the only Sony Game on the list is Uncharted, and notice the reader backlash.

Notice how they have the obvious Lair, but along with it they include Heavenly Sword and Assassins creed as major disappointments... they have the balls to say it how they think it is. Again, notice the reader backlash...

And then because of the reader backlash they have the decency to do this: -

Try also reading: -

They are all very good sites, and I for one value their opinions more than the "Big" Sites because these guys are like you and me playing games becasue they have a passion for it. Sure they take a dig at each other too, but in good humour. Its a shame N4G readers aren't like that.

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the original was fun...but this version doesnt appear to have added much to the formula ...ALA WARHAWK.....

so from meh to 10...still goin with a meh..

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If this comes at under £5/$10, i might buy this ;)

Though i need one of those PSN cards first!