Square Enix: The Restaurant (My First Screenplay)

What would it be like if Square Enix ran a restaurant? Heath of Game Revolution has written a movie scene depicting how it might be run.
"I just watched The 84th Annual Academy Awards and was inspired to get into movie making. I wrote my first ever screenplay. My movie is called 'Square Enix: The Restaurant.' Here's my first draft." -GameRev

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knifefight2544d ago

I heard it's "To Be Continued" and that you'll eventually have to download the ending.

ChiVoLok02544d ago

The only Square Enix game I have ever been interested in is Tomb Raider. Hope It's good.

TheUnbiasedLion2544d ago

I am going to sound like an idiot, so apologies in advance.

But isn't square just publishing it and Edios is still developing it even though they ate under squares umbrella? I can't keep up with mergers and what they mean lol.

ChiVoLok02543d ago

That would make more sense not sure though lol.