New Wipeout HD images and info

Playfrance interviewed the developer of Wipeout HD.

According to the developer Wipeout HD will sport 1080p @60FPS.

Check the link below for the full interview

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Mikey_Gee4042d ago

Am I the only one not walking away from those pics with a feeling of "AWE" ??

I hope these pics are EARLY beta

TANOD4042d ago

1080p @60 FPS NATIVE only possible on PS3

RR7,NGS and now this

Mikey_Gee4042d ago (Edited 4042d ago )


Maybe I am nuts, but to me, the PS3 has FAR BETTER looking games that this. UT3 to name just one. I just find it looks very flat and kind of bland.

I mean for real. This does nothing for me from "THESE PICS". Bring on KZ2 and Little Big Planet.

Marceles4042d ago

I'm not really impressed much either...I've seen better looking screens of the game though. Some parts look really clean and others look meh...but it's also a PSN game, so I'm not expecting it to be drop dead OMG OMG GOTY amazing, so if it exceeds the normal PSN graphics then it's cool with me.

resistance1004042d ago

Looking good. But i wonder how it will look in motion, as wipeout is extremely fast paced racer.

InMyOpinion4042d ago

This is the same article as the other one about Wipeout HD, if you click the picture in the other article.

ion6664042d ago

this is wipeout remix from ps2,psp.its like tekken d.r. hd.its not the real sequel,its a psn store downloadable game.

Mikey_Gee4042d ago

But really, now that you read posts .... kind of funny how so many rush to defend when I say what I feel and say they do NOT look that great.

Blind bias ???

I hope the actual 1080p version looks killer.