First Fable: Heroes details - co-op, unlock content in Fable: The Journey, more

Microsoft's leak of Fable: Heroes not only contains screenshots, but the first details as well.

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Yi-Long2540d ago

... there's so much potential in the Fable license, but THIS is what they come up with!?


How the mighty have fallen.

Rainstorm812540d ago

I agree, The Fable Universe has tons of potential this seems like an absolute waste.

@ below it looks more like Dungeon Defenders but the art direction looks very un-inspired and nothing like the fable universe

gamingdroid2540d ago

It does look different, but it might be targeting a different demographics of gamers. I do like the cartoony look, but it certainly doesn't say Fable at all. At least the Fable I know....

IM_KINECTED2540d ago

I see what they did, its a bit like Castle Crashers, with the 4 player co-op.

People so overreact to things, this is just a action arcade title, not a full Fable experience. This ties into Fable The Journey, much like Pub Games tied into Fable 2.

People are going to nitpick the art direction without even playing the game or hearing anything about it.

I'll at least keep an open mind, but definitely want a full Fable 4 at some point.

Tomonobu Itagaki2540d ago

Seems like Microsoft is crapping out everything it touches. Lionhead must feel like they sold their soul to the devil.

SuperBeast8112540d ago

Fable with Fat Princess graphics? no thanks ......I miss Fable