Teen Opens PlayStation 3 Box, Finds Phone Book Inside

Fox News - Wednesday, 26 Dec 2007:

A Camarillo, California teen dreamed of getting a popular game for Christmas, and he got it, almost. 13-year-old Brandon Burns tore the gift wrapped box to find that his parents got him a PlayStation 3. But when he opened the sealed box what he found was a yellow telephone book.

He says was amused by the whole thing.

His parents weren't amused. They spent $500 for the PS3 and say they plan on taking the phone book, the box, and their receipt back to the Thousand Oaks mall store where they bought it.

[ The full report is a TV news video clip. ]

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Lightning Mr Bubbles4043d ago

those parents put the phone book in there.

Real Gambler4043d ago

Well, maybe you could be right too. Parents who are buying those games to their kids don't like them that much either.

Seriously, why is it ALWAYS the PS3s that get stolen.... I guess thiefs know what's good after all : )

Hatchetforce4043d ago

The Round Peg. Why am I not surprised.

tomfoolery4043d ago

Well,he's better off with the phone book.
Without question,he'll get more use out of it.

CodeMonkey14043d ago Show
MatrixSixaxis4043d ago

EB was pretty dumb not to notice the lightness/weight of the PS3 box when picking it up in the back storage room! I'm sure the PS3 is waaay heavier than a 1 phone book!!! Maybe EB swapped it?!?

BloodySinner4043d ago

Comment reported as offensive and you lose a bubble as a bonus.

Enigma_20994043d ago

You're an @$$hole...

... That is all.

Lord Cheese4042d ago (Edited 4042d ago )

the only problem with reporting something as offensive is you cant read it! the suspense just makes it more intruiging!

**update** - ok , i just read it on his profile. CodeMonkey you are a complete nonce. Crawl back into your little racist hole and dont come back.

AzaziL4042d ago

The problem here lies in the fact that the parents never checked the box when they purchased it at the store to see if all the seals were untouched. That's why whenever you buy anything, you make damn well sure that it's never been opened and in the case of anything that costs more then a hundred bucks, there would be some kind of seal on the outside so that a consumer will know whether or not it's 'opened' merchandise.

And once your out of the store, there's no turning back and saying it was already opened. That's their way to ensure that people don't pull scams like say the one where someone returned a gutted 360 a couple months back. It can happen both ways so as a consumer you must follow the rule, NEVER BUY OPENED MERCHANDISE (unless there's a good discount and you've checked the contents in store).

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lynx1halo4043d ago (Edited 4043d ago )

Even ive got to admit thats hilarious,,,....honestly who doesnt check the product first???even if its a gift ...since i forked over the cash...I have to inspect the the parents are idiots and should be b!tch slapped at the kids discretion

Guwapo774043d ago

Thank goodness you only have one bubble.

God of Gaming4043d ago (Edited 4043d ago )

Id slap my parents for buying me those two games over the really good games on the system. He is not missing much by not being able to play Pirates. He should exchange those for Uncharted and UT3.

My experience with EB would dictate that they will be jerks about this and not exchange... hopefully they know it was on the news the night before and do the right thing.

desolationstorm4043d ago

That was the first thing that came to mind though skate is a real good game, pirates Id be embarassed to show that on the news especially if I actually want the damn game.

bozobucketeer4043d ago

Right...keep skate and maybe get UT. Rent Uncharted.

whoelse4042d ago

lol my first thought was that.

BTW, thats one rich family! See the size of the TV and there kareoke machine.

Lord Cheese4042d ago

bozobucketeer - agreed - definately dont buy uncharted - just rent it. You'll see all there is to see in a fairly short time. I'd suggest buying r&c myself - brilliant fun.

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Mikey_Gee4043d ago (Edited 4043d ago )

Folks out there like "Feihc Retsam". Read this guys post here

Post # 1.4

If you box has phone books or a BANNED machine ... either way ... you are out a machine.

People with this attitude are what causes this to happen. I actually had a friend of mine buy and Elite and get it home to find it weird the box was shut tight with GLUE ... opened it up and he also found phone books.

Lucky for him Wally World was still open and he was just there. He called ASAP and had it sorted out.

As for this kid, I really do hope it works out for him and he gets a PS3 (since his folks paid for it) and the EB are not a$$e$$ about it.

aba4043d ago (Edited 4043d ago )

Thats why I never shop at EB games.

sak5004043d ago

LOL. The wait begins even before he can use his ps3.

Lightning Mr Bubbles4043d ago

the PS3 is all about waiting beyond, and the 360 already came.

That's the story this gen.

N4M3L3554043d ago

You're right, the 360 came.

dantesparda4043d ago (Edited 4043d ago )

I gotta say, this whole thread is just to funny. Even the usual cast of @ssholes are being funny too. I like when Tomfoolery says its better than the PS3, i knew that was coming, LOL!