Amazon sells 17 Wiis per second

AP via CNN Money, December 26 2007 -- said Wednesday its 2007 holiday season was its strongest to date, with Nintendo Wii game systems and the "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix" DVD among its top-selling products.

The online retailer said it sold about 17 Nintendo Wiis per second when the product was available. The fifth Harry Potter movie led DVD sales, followed by "Planet Earth: The Complete BBC Series" and "Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End."

Other products that sold well included Garmin GPS systems, the Apple MacBook and KitchenAid stand mixers.'s said it experienced its strongest holiday sales on Dec. 10, as customers ordered more than 5.4 million items, or 62.5 items per second. The company shipped products to more than 200 countries, with more than 3.9 million units sent on its peak day.


Contributor's Notes: "17" Wiis may not seem like much to some people -- but consider that's 1,020 Wiis per minute or 10,200 Wiis in 10 minutes.

Of course, it's unlikely that Amazon would have thousands of Wiis in stock at one time; so the Wiis were likely sold out in just a few minutes after Amazon had put them up for order.

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PS3 Limps on and on4046d ago

The Wii sucks ass compared to the PS3/360

PS360WII4046d ago

yup that was me who disagreed.

TANOD4046d ago

atleast ps3 and x360 have next gen gameplay and to some extent next gen graphics eg UNCHARTED

PS360WII4046d ago

PS3 and 360 are next gen graphics and Wii is next gen gameplay.

john_doe4046d ago

yeah tanod, next gen gameplay, thats because it's so different from the gameplay of XBOX 1 and ps2 right??? it's only next gen graphics i think

tonsoffun4046d ago

Stop being such a t!t.

Considering they are selling by the metric fookload, It really doesn't matter what an idiot fanboy thinks anyhoo.

wallace10004046d ago (Edited 4046d ago )

I like how the word "next gen" is always thrown around. Has it ever occurred to some of you that maybe some people don't want "next gen" (PS3 or 360 - not saying i believe in this definition but it seems to be the one people use).
Do we need console bashing on this site?
show of hands
show of hands

Just take TANODs bubbles away, he very rarely has anything relevant to contribute :-D

wallace10004045d ago

I think TANOD has added me to his ignore list because i make him cry :-P

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PS360WII4046d ago

That's just crazy. I think the craziness of it all is half due to the nature of the Wii and the other half is because of all the press coverage it gets.

Salvadore4046d ago

If the Wii is selling this well, why aren't Nintendo expanding their factories?

PS360WII4046d ago

They are still waiting for the demand to lessen probably. They could be playing it to safe really.

PS3 Limps on and on4046d ago

it's time for real gamers to unit against this piece of garbage.

We all know, no true gamer gives a crap about this. This is being sold to Marykates grandmother because it's a neat toy that waggles. It has nothing to do with real video games.

PS360WII4046d ago

yet I'm a real gamer who enjoys playing a whole lot of games and I have more Wii games than I do 360 or PS3 games! Plus I'm over 20 years old!

Lightning Mr Bubbles4046d ago

You're a p*ssy PS360WII. And shut the f*ck up already. This is like your hundredth post on this thread.

PS360WII4046d ago

No it was only the 5th and this would be the 6th ^^

No true gamers are ones who can play games not systems ^^

ChickeyCantor4046d ago (Edited 4046d ago )

silence you pathetic little cur, how dares a ignorant fool like you call another one a P*ssy and then say its his 100th post and therefor he should STFU.
something called bubbles allows him to do that.

TwissT4046d ago

Doesn't care about consoles and what they do gamers care about the GAMES, from what your saying I can conclude that you are a fanboy.

cooke154046d ago

i guess im an idiot for buying 17 wii games that i enjoy.. thanks man :)

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MK_Red4046d ago

I wish it was either 360 or PS3 that was selling like that.

TANOD4046d ago

Hopefully 2008 will see the wii FAD disappear

ChickeyCantor4046d ago

if it doesnt? are you going to cut your wrists?

cooke154046d ago

lol people still call it a fad?? hahah wasnt the fad supposed to end 9 months ago? and wasnt PSP supposed to wipe the floor with DS 2 years ago?

KeiZka4046d ago

A fad that is approaching 20mil sales rapidly...

wallace10004046d ago (Edited 4045d ago )

Why do people get worked up because the Wii is selling well? Power to you Wii! It isn't a race guys, only people with money invested in the console industry care which console sells the most.
A life lesson here:
It isn't cool to be able to tell your friends that the console you bought is the number one selling console. Saying that just makes you a tool.

EDIT: Does the disagree mean that there is a loser in here that thinks it is cool to be able to tell people that the console they bought is the number one seller?

IntelligentAj4046d ago

I agree that the PS3 and 360 should be selling like that but I don't really care because it's being bought as an augment to either the PS3 or 360. It's not taking away any console buyers or core support from either so I say more power to Nintendo and much respect for that enormous gamble and the huge payout it's now gaining!!!

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