Dust 514 now Free-to-play

Eurogamer can megaphone that Dust 514, the exclusive PS3 MMOFPS that will exist within Eve Online, will now be free to download and free to play.

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yesmynameissumo2544d ago

Smart and wise decision. Definitely going to check it out now.

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DeadlyFire2544d ago

Always has been free to play to my knowledge. This is the first time hearing its free to own though.

Even if there is a level/cap to buy into the game like KILLZONE 3. Then I wouldn't mind. I was planning on buying full retail Dust 514 anyway from the start.

Elyxir-pSx2543d ago (Edited 2543d ago )

"It's very important as we take steps into this topic to unambiguously state that it is not a pay to win game," Laurino pressed on. "There is no micro-transaction that you can do that gives you an unfair advantage over someone who hasn't paid anything. It's the classic micro-transaction dynamic of, 'I can pay and get this item,' or, 'I can invest my time and get this item.' But neither of those options will give me an unfair advantage over the other."

So I'm guessing no level cap. Smart move on their part, because If I really like the game, I will most likely spend lots of money for the upgrades and vehicles.

krisq2544d ago

'Free to play' usally means 'Pay to win'. We'll see.

Christopher2543d ago

Actually, that is rarely the case. Typically you only pay to advance faster, not to win.

gaffyh2543d ago

Well seen as it clearly says "it's not a pay to win game" I can deduce that you fail at reading.

memots2543d ago (Edited 2543d ago )

'Posting on N4G' usally means 'Fail to read'. We'll see.

ps.. I didn't read it either but this is great news.

krisq2542d ago

Think about it. They will want to earn money. Do you really believe there won't be any advantage for someone who buys stuff in game? Why pay for something that won't give you the edge over everybody else?

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BoneIdle2543d ago (Edited 2543d ago )

This is hardly news Eurogamer it was announced months ago.

Article written in June 2011.

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Moncole2544d ago

I wonder what the catch is, when something goes F2P there is always something you gotta buy.

TF2: You have to buy it to get everything
Tribes Acend: If you want more xp you got to buy it and you can buy gold
KillZone 3: Free in till lvl 20 and you have to buy more of it

ScytheX32544d ago

KZ3 actually level 10 haha level 20 wouldnt be all that bad but level 10 next to nothing

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2544d ago (Edited 2544d ago )

Well yea that's how they make money off of it. It actually makes them MORE money than charging for the game. It being free makes it appealing for a much broader audience. And that audience will likely pay 1 or 2 dollars every now and then for a gun or a new map. Before they know it, in a year they'll have paid more money in dlc than they would've for the cost of a full priced game. It's genius. Playstation Home made millions off that model.

morganfell2544d ago

Exactly. At GDC last year they were discussing PS Home in one of the update seminars. People are clueless how much Sony and her partner companies are making off of it. People can attack it all they want but the fact is it generates massive revenue. And personally I have had a blast gaming in Home.

I can't wait to see the surprises Sony is going to unveil at GDC after this PSN maintenance period tonight.

metsgaming2544d ago

^ speaking of home they really should add it for the vita. Alot of people go on home more than ppl think and i believe they would love for an opportunity do so on a portable. It would also help with the "social" aspect of the system.

DA_SHREDDER2544d ago

I've spent I dont even know how much money just on private home spaces in PS Home. I also have an exclusive Aliens costume you can't find anymore. PS Home is the fundamental blueprint of what free to play means on Sony's platforms.

Virtual_Reality2544d ago (Edited 2544d ago )

There is ISK, you can buy different thing with that virtual money.

You earn that with minerals and probably doing different objectives.

Also, for those wondering if someone buy stuff and other player is playing for free:

"There is no micro-transaction that you can do that gives you an unfair advantage over someone who hasn't paid anything."

DG902544d ago

It only be premium content you have to pay for i imagine

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Godmars2902544d ago

Thought it was free in the first place?

Free to play that is. That if you bought it you'd basically get a refund back of in-game credits.

Iceman X2544d ago

Yeah this was always free from the 1st announcement. I guess people don't read.... very old news.

Virtual_Reality2544d ago

The name of the article is wrong, it actually says ''DUST 514 will now be free to download and play''

The thing is, they get rid of the $20 price.

ginsunuva2544d ago

But now they just took that initial credit fee away

KOOLWIIP2544d ago

when will it be free to download is what i want to know?

Iceman X2544d ago (Edited 2544d ago )

This game is "Free to Play" meaning no monthly fee, but you will still have to buy the game. There has been no officail word on any free to download yet. But i really think it will be a normal game just without a monthly fee.

MrBeatdown2544d ago

The article title says it is free to download and play.

SweatyFlorida2544d ago

They changed it hence the article. Now it's just straight free, though idk if we are going to get the extra credits however, but I guess it does open up a bigger opportunity to reel in some more people who still wouldn't want to have payed the $10-20 entry fee.

Iceman X2544d ago

Not bad, i wonder what changed thier mind about payment, oh well it was always day 1 purchase for me anyway.

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