Ladies and the Pro Gaming Scene – The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly - Piki Geek

You’ve probably heard about the Cross Assault incident regarding sexual harassment directed towards one of the female contestants by the man who was supposed to be her team’s coach. It’s been written about on nearly every video game news outlet, as it should be. While some people argue that Cross Assault was trying to legitimizing the fighting genre as a competitive “sport,” I feel like reality shows aren’t the best approach to legitimize anything.

Regardless, all it really did for gaming in general was show that some guys use multiplayer gaming as a surrogate elementary school playground where they can pull a girl’s hair and laugh when she cries. This installment of Saucy Saturdays, then, is a look at instances where women have succeeded in the gaming arena (the good), instances where their efforts were misguided (the bad), and instances where the feminine cause in competitive gaming has been set back (the ugly).

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