Overlooked Gem: Nier

A very brief look at the 2010 action/RPG Nier and a few of its successes, including its use of "interactive" tragedy.

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WildArmed2539d ago

Really loved NIER. The weapon crafting system was kinda lame, but other than that I had really fun collecting letters / words, doing side quests.. and ofc, the amazing story and 4 endings! <3

But the game was sad as hell, I would always cringe when I play the game. Hoping for the best, but prepping for the worst outcomes........

Sarcasmology2539d ago

Easily one of the great RPG's of this generation. Very memorable characters, an amazing soundtrack, and an interesting story to go with it all.

If you can look past the poor visuals of the 'shades' (shadow enemies), you're in for a treat.

WildArmed2538d ago

ooh yess! The soundtrack was amazing too!

And the voice acting was actually very solid too! (considering this was a JRPG, a great feat.)

The game REALLY gets interesting when you play the NG+ and can hear 'hidden' voices.

moegooner882539d ago

Whoever decided to write this, thank you, this game is an under appreciated gem

Son_Lee2539d ago

Another fantastic game that will probably never get a sequel.

Hicken2538d ago

Amazing game, one of my favorites of this generation. And the best part is probably going through the second half of the game and getting that extra info you didn't have before. That blew my mind.