Famitsu Japan Game Charts 2007-12-17/ 2007-12-23 and Sales

1. FF4 DS (DS)
2. Mario Party DS (DS)
3. Wii Fit (Wii)
4. Super Mario Galaxy (Wii)
5. Wii Sports (Wii)
6. DQ4 (DS)
7. Wii Play (Wii)
8. Mario & Sonic at Beijing Olympics (Wii)
9. Dora Base (DS)
10. Naruto: Shippuuden N-Ultimate Accelerator 2 (PS2)

Wii : about 264k
DSL : about 319k
PS3 : about 51k
PS2 : about 24k
PSP : about 162k
360 : about 8.1k

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MK_Red4583d ago

Once again, WiiFit keeps selling like hot cake while real games like GT5 and LO sales increase dramaticly.

PS360WII4583d ago

Well come on prologue is more of a demo then the real deal so that's okay for it to not sell as well. LO is for the 360 so wasn't going to do well in Japan anyway. I'm looking forward to LO when it comes out here in the states.

The market in Japan is very very very different. They like these odd dohikeys and quirky gamish things. Plus they are really into Nintendo products as you can see by the 9 out of 10 top spots.

MK_Red4583d ago

I agree on LO and overall Japan and Nintendo stuff.

I know GT5P is just a demo but so is Wii Fit. Seriously, the only decent uses for Wii Balance Board are skate and similair games. Right now it's not even a tech demo. It's a useless plastic scale.
There is still nothing in gaming world that I hate more than Jack Thompson and Wii Fit.

PS360WII4583d ago

Oh I can make it an axis of evil. JT, WiiFit, Superman 64! The horror!! lol

MK_Red4583d ago

lol, Good one :)
The 3 that could destroy the world.

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cooke154583d ago (Edited 4583d ago )

I think i was right about SMG having staying power...
here are the actual numbers for software

1.FF4 309000 > 60% shipment
2.Mario Party DS 308000(1070000)
3.WiiFit 210000(737000)
4.SMG 109000(680000)
5.Wii Sports 109000(2371000)
6.DQ4 108000(963000)
7.Wii Play 105000(1919000)
8.Mario&Sonic 100000(3070 00)
9.Dora Base (DS) 96000 > 90% shipment
10.Naruto 2 (PS2) 94000

wow 9/10 for nintendo lol.. wii is fad!!! (cry)

PS360WII4583d ago

Alright so probably next week DQ IV will be a million, Mario Party DS just got to a million, WiiFit has 2 more weeks till a million, Mario Galaxy is taking it's time. Good numbers over-all

MK_Red4583d ago

I actually disagree and think these are bad numbers because it's a single minded market. Just Nintendo and almost all casual Nintendo. No wonder Silent Hill dev said game developement Japan is in trouble. No matter how much Japanese companies try and spend millions on expensive PS3 / 360 games, people end up buying next Wii and DS game more than anything.
Now I'm not saying that there should be no Wii or DS game in top 10. I believe a healthy market have to consist of all types of games and platforms.

killer_trap4583d ago

you have every right to brag. it's nintendo land all over the world.

Spike474583d ago

xbox360, kill yourself.

Is anyone having problems with psn too?

MK_Red4583d ago (Edited 4583d ago )

Hope DMC4's release changes things a bit.

PS360WII4583d ago (Edited 4583d ago )

Well that's why there are different markets. I'm glad Square Enix is getting lovin in Japan still. Yet as most know I do like Nintendo so these are a-w-e-some numbers ^^

Unfortunatly I'm not seeing where LO will do well. It'll sell somewhat in the US and Europe I guess but only Japan really really likes RPG's. GT5P will do great in the other areas.

edit: doh hit reply on wrong comment >< this is for 2.2 :)

MK_Red4583d ago

Sadly LO may indeed sell not so well in other areas. As you said, Japanese gamers are the ones after JRPGs.

OMG, lol! My comment was also a wrong reply (4)! I edited and used the text for 2.2!

killer_trap4583d ago

devil may cry never was a system seller in japan. so don't hold your breath.

MK_Red4583d ago

Hope DMC4 is different. Are you sure DMC1-3 didn't do well in Japan? I know that Xbox exclusive Ninja Gaiden did pretty good in Japan for a non PS2/GC game.

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killer_trap4583d ago

so it's true then GT prologue is out of the top 10 already!!!!!

this is so disappointing. and the wii shifted 260,000 in one week, looks like it will be one of those fads that last for 6 years. lol

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