Irish PS MD - Assassin’s Creed & Call of Duty on Vita - All I can say is “holy shit”.

"When asked what gamers can expect from the next wave of Vita software, Playstation Ireland’s Managing Director Niall O’Hanrahan remarked -

"I’ve seen Resistance, I’ve seen Assassin’s Creed and I’ve seen Call of Duty all on Vita. All I can say is “holy shit”. No device can touch this."

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Knight_Cid2544d ago

thats what hes suppose to say. He works for sony.

Althoulh I do want persona 4 golden in english pronto

tiffac0082544d ago (Edited 2544d ago )

Localize Persona 4: The Golden! Yes please~!!! :)

BlindGuardian2544d ago

I'm pretty sure this guy was not supposed to say anything about this

COD for Vita was mentioned on the original unveiling on January last year but nothing since then until this, and AC for Vita was never even mentioned

SilentNegotiator2544d ago

It's Ubisoft and one of their most popular and over-produced series that they make at least one title of for almost every platform.

I saw it coming, you saw it coming, we all saw it coming.

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remanutd552544d ago

well i think he is supposed to say that because he works for sony but i will give him the benefit of the doubt , lets see how Resistance ( which btw i have high hopes for and its my vita most anticipated title ) turns out to be and then i will agree or disagree with his opinion but not before i play at least 1 of those 3 titles on the vita

a_bro2544d ago

well, hopefully they're not just ports. well, at least we know resistance isnt a port.

Raf1k12544d ago

I'm expecting CoD to be a port and released at the same time as this year's CoD game. However, I think it would be cool to have the Vita CoD multiplayer be cross-platform playable with PS3 players.

murkster-dubez2544d ago

Cross platform play wont work as using a vita control system you will be at a disadvantage to normal ps3 players.

Ron_Danger2544d ago


They would be, except the front and rear touch pads make up for lack of buttons... Tap right side of screen for melee, left for sprint, etc...

They would find a way to balance it

trancefreak2543d ago

I wish I could like resistance but it just the way the gun feels all wrong my hands IMO. Just feels static. I need that kz3 feel to bad that these things are not migrated from 1 FPS to another so people can be acquainted with the movement. I am talking KZ3 and Resistance Sony games not cod.

Hopefully they have a good feel on my Vita.

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MGRogue20172544d ago

Makes me feel very glad that I own a PS Vita. :)

mcstorm2544d ago

Really i would of thought people who were buying a vita would not be picking it up for ac or cod games but maybe im wrong.

I cant wait to pickup a vita next month but i want it for none console ports and defo not a cod game.

--Onilink--2544d ago (Edited 2544d ago )

well to be honest, if the those franchises are getting a bit stale on consoles, i dont see why releasing a port of console games to a handheld would do much better. I'd rather see franchises that dont show up that often, like it happened with Wipeout 2048 or Super Stardust Delta.

And if these franchises are going to be on handhelds, i would rather have them their own story, not just some port, like Uncharted GA or Resident Evil Revelations

Now, we dont have be geniuses to know COD will be a port, maybe Assasins Creed will keep up with the past and provide us diferent stories (hopefully better games as well)

ginsunuva2544d ago

This AC better be the Japan one.

MySwordIsHeavenly2544d ago

Resistance stale? No, sir. Resistance 3 was the best title in the series...and arguably the best campaign last year. It's definitely one of the best FPS campaigns ever made.

--Onilink--2544d ago

I dont really remember talking about resistance... Especially since we already know its not a port. Personally i dont like resistance that much, its a good game but im just not that interested in the franchise and judging by sales, the psv game could define the future of the franchise so lets hope they do put some effort in it

TronEOL2544d ago

I'm waiting until I see them, personally. And if all they are is ports, I'm hoping to god these developers have enough talent to at least make the "Crossplay" feature work. It would be ridiculous if they sold the same game on the Vita and PS3, but you weren't able to play against the PS3 players on the Vita, even though the technology was there and available.

It would also be nice if these "easy-money" ports were also sold in a "Playstation bundle" of sorts to make it cheaper to buy both the Vita and PS3 copies.

I'd much rather want something more designed towards the Vita and all of it's features, but from certain companies, it's not really something you can expect. I'm more looking forward to PSVita exclusives, namely Gravity Rush, Dragon's Crown, Warrior's Lair and Bioshock.

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