Capcom Gets Busted; On-Disc DLC Discovered For Street Fighter X Tekken

"Remember that article not too long ago about whether day-one DLC was acceptable? Well, it looks like Capcom wants to put that question to the test with Street Fighter X Tekken as characters that were supposed to be released on the console version at a later date were discovered to already be on the disc."


Capcom had many of the YouTube videos pulled and the user accounts banned for hosting footage of the DLC characters, but here's more video footage of the on-disc DLC characters in action:

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Titanz2539d ago

Hopefully Nintendo does it right, and sets a good example for the value of DLC (Valve's also decent at it).

vortis2539d ago


Nintendo, Valve and Rockstar are some of the most fair players in the game right now. What bothers me are people defending this kind of cash gouging where pretty soon you'll b paying $60 for a game and an additional $10 for the multiplayer, an extra $15 for multiplayer costumes and maps and an extra $20 to play single-player in co-op mode.

kaveti66162539d ago

Yes but you're assuming that the only choice the consumer has it to buy the game at launch.

Some people wait for a while until the all the DLC is repackaged with the original game and is sold as a GOTY/definitive edition for less than 65 bucks.

What they're doing is greedy, but for those of us who have observed this behavior from Capcom and others, it's an avoidable issue. It takes patience, yes, but that's your responsibility as a consumer.

Valve knows it's easier to catch flies with honey than with vinegar, so they sweeten the deal for the consumer. Although recently, I was on Steam and was considering getting some new titles and noticed the price was at 59.99 USD. Looks like the discounts PC gamers are accustomed are slowly being phased out.

MsclMexican2539d ago (Edited 2539d ago )

Ummm, question: Does Nintendo even do DLC? I like that they give of a complete game and thats it.

Valve... lets be honest has a sh*t ton of cash so the ability for them to give free DLC (Portal 2) is understandable

Rockstar does expansions and great ones at that. Undead Nightmare, Ballad of Gay Tony.. all very good.

The problem with DLC now is that people view it always as held back content... and when it is released, people always question why it came out so soon.

DLC used to be a cool way for dev's to give us more game, but now that idea is being tainted as some view it as a cash grab(ex. EA and Activision), even though some effort is being put into it.

Truth is I stopped buying DLC for sometime. The last DLC I bought was the Uncharted 3 FHC... just because it was cheaper than buying all of the planned packs.

I guess we need to say for ourselves was the money we spent on the game justified? And does this new content warrant the extra price.

A good example is ME3 coming out tuesday. People are flipping out over the day 1 dlc. I think Me3 by itself warrants the 60 bucks.

The dlc was also only supposed to be for the collectors edition too. So, I guess Bioware wanted it to be available for everyone rather than a select group as apparently every retailer has sold out of CE's, and did not want to cheat those whom have pre ordered the collectors edition and are paying the extra cash by making it free.

I feel like I am rambling all over the place..because too me, all this dlc shennanigans have become plain confusing too me as of recently.

Im just plain tired

mttrackmaster382539d ago

Rockstar still make retailer exclusive dlc (Red Dead Redemption), so I wouldn't say they are fair at all.

aCasualGamer2539d ago


So what you're saying is that the actual game with all it's original content isn't the game we get at launch? Yeah, this business model is wrong... just for that reason alone.

I can get if a company like Rockstar(GTAIV) or Ubisoft(Assassin's Creed) develop the DLC AFTER the game has released and then charge extra for BONUS story say 3-4 months later. But when you take away the access to already developed content on the disc that you charge gamers for then it's really a disgrace. The thank we gamers get for supporting publishers is that they take away content that we have paid for.

ChickeyCantor2539d ago

"Ummm, question: Does Nintendo even do DLC? I like that they give of a complete game and thats it. "

Not yet, but they discussed how DLC should be sold to the public.

tehpees32539d ago (Edited 2539d ago )

Rockstar and Valve are great value. It really bugs me about pre planned DLC. They know full well they could release this content in a week if they want. They are just waiting to make it look like effort is going into it. DLC should be an add on. At least then you would get what you pay for on disc.

@ nycmta1 and why are Capcom entitled to my cash? You sit there speaking of entitlement and yet they are locking content in the disc as if I'm some sort of mark. Capcom think they can decide what they say is a full game and rip off the consumer? How selfish and self entitled they are! They won't be getting a penny from me! Locking content on disc and deciding when to release stuff as and when you want is greedy hustling.

Capcom says you can have this if you fork out more cash = self entitlement of the highest caliber.

Ares84HU2539d ago

Yeah, pretty soon we will be paying a lot more for games because of business like this.

Capcom did this to RE5 and they constantly release a "2nd" or "3rd"edition of their games which should have been released day 1. They sell incomplete games on first release dates. That is why I won't buy SFXT on day one but wait a year at least for the complete edition and than buy it at a lower price. Just look at Super Marvel vs. Capcom 3 for example.

I urge everyone not to buy Capcom games on day 1.

Deputydon2539d ago


Valve doesn't really control the launch price of games. If a dev wants to sell it at $59 at launch, Valve has to put it on steam for that price. Valve is still the king of discounts though, they try as hard as possible. Right now the only negative thing about steam is that EA is pretty much pulling support of it thanks to their crap product. I still don't see Origin getting that far. I can't imagine it'll have surpass Steam.

It used to be that a 'console' couldn't live without EA support (see Dreamcast) but Steam has been around far too long to die from that. I love Valve, and if the 'Steam Box' is true, then that and a Playstation system will definitely be the only game consoles hooked up to my TV for years upon years.

Persistantthug2539d ago

MsclMexican asked,

"Ummm, question: Does Nintendo even do DLC? I like that they give of a complete game and thats it. "
_____________________________ _ ______________________________

To my knowledge, no.
But Nintendo hasn't shown that they have the capacity to run a fully fleshed out network that's capable.

They claim they're going to do it with the Wii U launch, but then they show cluelessness by not announcing full harddrives.

So while Nintendo doesn't rip us off with DLC schemes, they don't do any of the good DLC ideas because Nintendo doesn't really know how.

gamingdroid2539d ago


***I guess we need to say for ourselves was the money we spent on the game justified? And does this new content warrant the extra price.***

This is why I prefer paid DLC over Online Passes. One is an option that the consumer holds the right to choose, the other a disgusting tactic to control access to content.

Unfortunately for us, EA owns Mass Effect and employs both! ME is the one game that buckles me on my EA boycott.

Well said! Bubble up!

lizard812882539d ago

Yes, but small stuff. Animal crossing has free DLC along with a few other games.

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BDSE2539d ago

While I'm personally sick of publishers ripping us off for DLC there are valid reasons why some DLC content needs to be on disk. DLC that contains characters that can be played online would need character models on disk so your console would be able to render the model on your screen.

The other bits though are ridiculous,

chad22hkd2539d ago

I'm sorry to say this to you all. But unless we feel that the game is lacking in content, then we can't complain about on disc dlc. These companies have to make money to keep making games. If the content is on the disc locked or already made it doesn't matter. (it's extra) that you can choose to pay for or not. Like I said if the game has like a 5 hour campaign and locked dlc then it's bs. But we can't get mad for companies are making extra for us to buy. I don't know about you, but if i love the game, and the company I will gladly by the dlc, because I want to see a good future for the company and franchise. The truth be told as expensive as games are to make, and with the developer only getting 20% of the profit on each game, and losing money to used sales and pirates, I am happy to support them in any way. We are lucky to have games, as expensive and difficult to program they are. You are hardcore gamers, your worry should be if we keep losing good games to casual players, and if the casual keeps taking away from the hardcore. Not because we have to pay 10 bucks for on disc dlc come on guys.

No FanS Land2539d ago

you know that capcom surely did this so it only has to puload a 99kb key on the Ps store. remeber that sony charges publishers 16cents per Gb of data.

Darrius Cole2539d ago

Chad, that is the worst post I have read in a long time. Your whole premise is that we should not look out for ourselves and look out for the games companies instead. That's just wrong.
The game companies should look out for themselves, and the gamers should look out for themselves.

I am not lucky to be getting games. I am paying to get games. I simply want them to give me what I pay for. And if its on the disc then I've already paid for it. If they don't want us to play it at launch, then they should not put it on the disc.

FriedGoat2539d ago

The people saying its fine to wait for the "definitive" version don't understand what fighting games are about.
If you wait for the characters in a repackaged version you've missed the train. Everyone you play will be at a different skill level and it will be impossible for you to catch up. The point of games such as streetfighter is to WIN. Capcom know this and therefore they can get away with this bullshizz.

Blaze9292539d ago

my thing is, what about all the people who do what they want and buy the game new, but don't have online access to redeem their codes and download the extra characters they ALREADY have on the disc?

geddesmond2539d ago

People need to stop supporting this company. The only way stuff like this will stop is when us consumers stop getting behind it and by buying the game your showing Capcom your behind them. Well I'm getting Soul Calibur 5 instead now and I'll buy a used copy of the Extra Super Awesome Alpha Complete Amazing edition of SF X tekken that comes out for christmas.

2539d ago
ThichQuangDuck2538d ago

I am not necessarily a fan of DLC, but people seem to be attacking it without understanding it. Last generation lets say the DLC characters added to street fighter x tekken would be unlockable in game and add more gameplay. This generation due to piracy and used games sales it is sometimes on the disc to prove they have the disc. The game features 38 characters and one of the best fighting game rosters I have seen. Those downloadable characters are for those who will spend a great amount of time playing the game and is something extra. Why should it matter whether that extra portion is done and is on the disc or whether it is sitting at their studio done when the game comes out and they wait a few months then release it downloadable. When it comes to fighting games DLC is handled differently because it does not necessarily add more hours of game play, but rather adds different people to play as. You could purchase the DLC and none of the characters could be fun to play as to you it is a matter of preference. All long as the full game is fun and complete why should people get in a uproar over downloadable characters, if you do not want the characters than do not buy them, there is no uber character that will lead to a unfair advantage and you losing every fight. They have already confirmed there will not be a ultimate or super edition and I truly believe them even then that just offers a cheaper complete package if you want to wait for those specific characters. If you are going to compare the DLC to something at least to compare it to a fighting game in which dlc is handled differently than story games. Mortal Kombat 9 how many of you are in uproar about the komplete edition that increases the game longevity...oh yeah no one

aaronisbla2538d ago

wow, capcom loves gamers like yourself....smfh

I cant imagine why some feel the need to defend something like paying extra to unlock content thats ALREADY on your disk that you payed for.

Guess suckers are in full supply with gamers like you

ThichQuangDuck2538d ago


I spoke before seeing that all the characters move sets and everything was a simple unlock. I at the time believed that they were basic and did not have all moves or something.

Capcom I guess needs to see that when the content is on the disc and done and no one is working on the DLC between now and the fall that it does not seem worthy of gamers money. If they were to announce a new dlc that was not on disc and announce this one as free that would be fine to me.

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Frankfurt2539d ago

Anyone supporting Capcom deserves to be used and abused by them. Their last great game was RE4. Current Capcom only has milked, half-assed games.

meganick2539d ago

You're right, and it's a shame. I used to love Capcom, but they turned to crap this generation along with Square.

torchic2539d ago

so Square release 2 not so great Final Fantasy games (XIII & XIII-2), and now they're crap? wow you have high standards man.

MidnytRain2539d ago

^^SE's released more than two games this gen.

clearelite2539d ago (Edited 2539d ago )

The funny thing is that Cappycom seems to think this will benefit them in the long run.

I haven't bought any of their games lately personally(since sf3 3rd strike).

It may be a problem from the top down and it's happening in other companies as well.

give up your integrity and lose our respect.

Funny thing is giving up integrity goes hand in hand with game quality going down hill, interesting.

@below(yi-long) yes, good point too.

WitWolfy2539d ago

@torchic, play Last Remnant, Infinite Undiscovery and Nier (not that bad but not SE standards in my book) to name a few. And tell me if those games even come close to even Final Fantasy 13 and 13-2 in quality. And we'll talk again...

wolokowoh2539d ago

To get all the best Square JRPGs this gen you needed a PSP and a DS. Nier and othere great but Square's PSP lineup and DS lineup were just far better. With that said, Square also publishes Tomb Raider, Hitman, and other non-JRPG titles so they haven't really sucked this generation from strictly a publishing standpoint. FF13 and 13-2 aren't all that bad but I'll admit they're not nearly the quality of even FF12 but certainly not 4, 6, 7, 9, or 10.

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Yi-Long2539d ago

By now, I'm not even blaming Capcom anymore.

Every gamer should KNOW this by now, and if they still choose to pick up these games on day 1 and get ripped off by Capcom's DLC nickel-and-dime crap, it's their own decision.

If you know someone is a rapist, don't go sit on his lap when he's naked.

LOGICWINS2539d ago

"If you know someone is a rapist, don't go sit on his lap when he's naked."

LMAO! Bubs+

vortis2539d ago

The two people who disagreed with you already sat on his lap.

mttrackmaster382539d ago

Why would someone sit on his lap at all? lol

Ddouble2539d ago

As annoying as it is, I think you should point to all the devs doing this not just Capcom.

Capcom are definitely up there as one of the worst offenders but it needs to stop as a whole. The whole concept of DLC was to expand a full game but it's just been exploited and ruined.

clearelite2539d ago (Edited 2539d ago )

This may coincide with videogames becoming more "mainstream" and also expensive to develop for. Now we have supposedly savvy "businessmen" taking up positions of power and pleasing stock holders. Although some corporations seem to stay a bit more down to earth.

See: supposed video games analysts, etc.

When people who have no interest in games start dabbling in the industry for money, problems will soon follow, it seems.


Veneno2539d ago

you are totally right. the people that run the business side of things at these game companies don't give a damn about games themselves. I know this first hand. All of the most high up people never look at or touch the games their companies make. Its all about squeezing the most money out of something. These people have business degrees. They aren't developers, artists, or have anything to do with making games.

2EXS2539d ago

there is right way to do DLC, take Warhawk dlc for example, they did 3 new vehicles as dlc with 3 new maps, charged $15 for each, they where done way after the game was released(i bought all of them) I think this is the right way of doing dlc. I don't like what capcom and EA are doing so i won't buy their game anymore(bought SF4 AE and capcom vs marvel 3). We have to show them that we don't like what they are doing and the only way they understand is with out $$$$$

Larry L2539d ago

I do agree. I can't stand what Capcom decided to start doing this gen with the on-disc DLC. I remember when they first showed SSF4 the very first time, the videos were showing new costumes. I assumed the game came with them since they were in the announcment video. It turned out not only were they not availible in the game even though they were already on the disc and had been developed right in tandem with the game so they should have been unlockable.........but then they release the unlock codes slowly over time in packs as though we don't know they're already on the they're trying to convince us they're developing them while we're waiting. It's rediculous and insulting.

And they did they same thing with Marvel costumes now. Only this time it was after a $60 beta. Don't insult us Capcom and act like they aren't already on the disc. At least have the respect to just release all the costume unlock codes right away instead of making your fans WAIT to slowly be milked.

All that being said though, I will refute one thing about this article and SLIGHTLY stand up for Capcom on just one tiny thing here. And that's Mega Man and Pac-Man being on the 360 disc......even if they NEVER get released on 360. Because those characters were developed and are releasing with the game, just on the PS3 and Vita versions. So it's probably easier as a dev to put the same data on both versions and just lock out those PS3 only characters on the 360 version, than to actually remove all that data specifically for the 360 version.

But that's just for those PS3 exclusive characters. As for the others like Guy who will be DLC for both games, there's no excuse for them to be there other than DLC milking. I'm betting that same data's on the PS3 disc too.

Capcom is SO dirty. I'm glad I started hating them after screwing me over continually in terms of Monster Hunter back in 2007/08. It saved me ALOT of money not buying their products. Since they cancelled PS3 Monster Hunter and made it a F'n Wii game and shutting down the MH1 servers, the only Capcom products I've bought were SSF4 and the DL version of MvC2. and the original SF4 complete costume pack for my SSF4 when it was on sale on PSN for $5. And Mega Man 1 2 and 3 when they were eack on sale for 1.99 to put on my PSP.

Only when I'M making out will I give them any money now, and it's sad because I used to be SUCH a fan. Oh well. At least there are devs out there doing DLC right like NetherRealm, Polyphony and many others. They're not all Capcoms at least. They don't all want to take advantage of, and step all over their loyal fans.


QuodEratDemonstrandm2539d ago

Last time I bought anything from Capcom was Super SF2.
It wasn't just about the franchise milking.
I suck at these fighting games.

TheHater2539d ago

I get so much hate when I question Capcom business ethic this generation with moves like these. Stuff like this is why I don't buy any of their games new.

Boody-Bandit2539d ago (Edited 2539d ago )

You must not buy many games than because nearly every developer and publisher are guilty of this and have been most of this generation.

I myself think it's completely out of control but when Capcom is mentioned people seem to take offense to it more than most. EA, Activision, THQ, Ubisoft, etc... they are all doing it. Any remember horse armor?

It's here to stay. Most of us on sites like this are against it but mainstream gamers line up and pull out their wallets for it. If they didn't devs and publishers wouldn't do it.

As frustrating as it is this is the way of gaming now and it's only going to get worse. I have played over 200 games this generation and have only purchased DLC a handful of times. Most DLC isn't worth the $$$. I am buying less and less games and even though I am getting SFxT I wont purchase any DLC for it.

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TheMutator2539d ago

Resident Evil 4? their last great game was Code Veronica , RE 4start the perdition of the RE series...

Kos-Mos2539d ago

Resident Evil 4 is one of the best games I`ve ever played. Don`t care?
Resident Evil 4 is one of the greatest games of all time by reviews.
Need more?
Resident Evil 4 set new standards in survival/horror/action games and there are buttloads of copies this generation.

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Cablephish2539d ago

Now that everyone's been told, I wonder how many people will actually buy the game.

Capcom games are great, yeah, but Capcom's also being unreasonable, so why don't we all show Capcom that we can consider our wallets before considering their games.

Redempteur2539d ago (Edited 2539d ago )

you think that will stop fighting games enthusiasts ?

People wanting thier cross over and to polish their skill will have 3 to 4 months to know the game and wreck havoc be it online or offline at a friend's

-GametimeUK-2539d ago

Last Capcom game I bought was Dead Rising 2. I really wanted MVC, but didn't buy it (and its good I didn't since they re-released faster than usual).

I am not going to buy Resi 6 until the re-release hits the bargain bin either. It has to be played, though.

Veneno2539d ago

its much easier to hold off on something like RE6 because there's no 'competition' to fall behind like in fighting games. But one thing capcom fighting game fans can do is keep getting better at SSF4 and UMvC3 until SFxT falls to aprice that is reasonable for them. Thats what I will have to do until I find another job so I can splurge again on games :(

NarooN2539d ago

Capcom still sucks, but this article is bogus.

Yes, they discovered these videos and a few character assets on disc, but NONE of the characters are complete and they don't even have their movesets. They WILL get released on PS3, but you'll have to actually download them later on.

Servbot412539d ago

Elena and Blanka are both fully playable. They may not be balanced completely, but they do in fact have their complete movesets.

Optical_Matrix2539d ago (Edited 2539d ago )

Want to know whats worse?

Have a look. Some genius has managed to hack the games data and get Elena fully playable on his game. So essentially they could have shipped the characters in for free. smh.

@NarooN? Eat crow. Look at the link I posted. Elena is fully playable. Be serious.

Deadpool6162539d ago

Thanks for the link Optical_Matrix. This is unacceptable Capcom.

NarooN2539d ago (Edited 2539d ago )

Eat crow? The fuck is that? Dunno why everyone's jumping on my back as if I was defending Crapcom, not even buying this piece of shit game with the unbalanced gem system. I couldn't care less about this DLC.

Wow, one character is playable. Not all 12 are. The Vita game isn't even releasing until late this year, which is when I guess they'll put all the characters up for download.

Stay classy, n4g, garbage website lol.