Top Five Most Annoying Gaming Memes

GamingUnion: "Some people thrive off the obscure in-jokes, cliches and memes the darkest corners of the Internet have to offer, so it's no surprise a tech-savvy audience - such as core gamers - would be subject to more than its fair share."

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mephman2541d ago

Ugh, they've been so over used. Whenever I hear "the cake is a lie", it just makes me cringe. So many "gamers" use it to seem cool.

metsgaming2541d ago

arrow to the knee is far more annoying and from what i have seen it was just some random part of the game that had no significance. look up youtube videos of it and some lame npc character says it and thats it, lame.

soundslike2541d ago

cake jokes are just as bad, if not worse because they went on for wayyyyyyyyy longer.

Blacktric2541d ago (Edited 2541d ago )

For me it's

1-Arrow to the knee
2- The cake is a lie

That's it. And I honestly don't know how "I never asked for this." got to be at number 1 when it's barely used in comparison to arrow and cake crap. Not to mention, it's actually more fitting for a meme than both of those ever will be.

OllieBoy2541d ago

I seriously can't stand "The cake is a lie"

It was clever in Portal, but people using it when it doesn't make sense is so annoying.

JDouglasGU2541d ago

i'm impressed a trailer could spawn a major meme. that's good marketing!

3GenGames2541d ago

I say the cake is a lie sometimes, most get it. I say All your base are belong to us and sometimes a person will understand. But when you want to really screw somebody who likes to act like they know everything about those, just say "It's as useless as the R power up in Contra." If they agree, they're retarded hipsters. R speeds up your projectile speed. That's how I gauge peoples gaming savy-ness. Nobody has passed that test yet, sadly. :(

BraveToaster2541d ago

Most memes are really annoying. People spam unfunny shit all over the place and it's stupid.