EA Need To Stop Messing With Pre-Order Bonuses

GamingUnion: "Remember when pre-ordering something used to be fun? You'd be guaranteed a little poster, an art book, perhaps the soundtrack for the game if you were particularly lucky. It was a fairly simple trade-off for everyone involved, the developer/publisher got what was generally a guaranteed sale and the average gamer would walk away with some sweet bonus loot for financially declaring their love for the game in advance. Not to say that there wasn't a potential for error somewhere in there. There was always the chance that a store may accidentally be shipping too few copies of a pre-order bonus, or there was too much demand leading to a swap for a different bonus. EA's just taken things to the next progressive level: canceling the pre-order bonus altogether after getting massive interest in their game as a result of the initial incentive."

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tweex2544d ago

Oh EA, you silly goose...

mephman2544d ago

The whole Battlefield 1943 thing was stupid, but they keep doing it.

Hovis2544d ago

Don't make promises you can't keep huh

*nudges imaginary EA leader*

Hovis2544d ago

I'm confused as to why there isn't hate towards the idea of pre-order bonuses, and not just from EA.

Recently with the whole 'From Ashes' DLC 'scandal' (getting CE so doesn't bother me) gamers showed that they had had enough of being abused by companies who allegedly take content out of the game and sell it for extra.

Case in point. I pre-ordered Gears 3 and got a Baird skin with it. However Xbox Live messed up while trying to get my code and I had to turn off my console. When I turned it back on I had lost the download and when I tried to enter the code back in the Marketplace told me that that code had already been used. Oh well I thought, tis only a skin so never mind.

About a month later I was playing a game with bots offline. Low and behold the skin of the character I pre-ordered was there fighting by my side. Low and fudging behold the skin was already on the disc and had obviously been sectioned off in order to no doubt tempted some unsuspecting fools into pre-ordering the game early.

Pre-order bonuses from everyone need to stop being content (however little) stripped from the game and 'added' as an extra .

I may still be a little bitter :(

Flashy2540d ago

Have you tried the download history on the xbox? Just think it might been registered there.
I'm not sure, but you should try if you haven't already.

- Flashy :)

Hovis2539d ago

You know what I just figured that out yesterday with my ME3 collectors.

I accidently canceled the download of the extra stuff and went into a panic.

The followed on screen instructions and etc and got it back up and running.

I was so scared. But yeah I might do that.

Flashy2539d ago

Hehe. Allright!
Glad to hear you managed the ME3 thingy. :P
Great game so far.

-Flashy :)

StayStatic2544d ago (Edited 2544d ago )

I miss the days when you could buy a game and that was it , everyone got the same game and none of this pre-order / random crap.

- Limited Edition
- Extreme Limited Edition
- Extreme Ultra Edition
- Super Extreme Ultra Edition

When will this madness stop :(

lelo2play2544d ago

"When will this madness stop :( "

When Sparta's King Leonidas kicks the Persian emissary down the hole :)

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