Trouble Looms: Could The Last Of Us Be The Next Target Of Media Backlash?

GP: "When it comes to video games, major news outlets just do not understand. And it is perfectly fine for people to not understand something. I don't understand the ins and outs of football, and frankly I never will. But I'll also never jump up on a stage and claim football is killing our kids because someone told me about how another guy got tackled really bad that one time. Unfortunately, there are people who get put on TV in front of a national audience to do just that very thing."

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NovusTerminus2542d ago (Edited 2542d ago )

How about the Portal 2 being insensitive towards orphans? Anyone remember that whole thing?

Good read, I like the article, nicely written, and I had to watch that Mass Effect thing again recently and it was painful to see it.

MsclMexican2542d ago

Here are all of these videos just for the lulz..

Portal 2 Adoption controversy:



Its too much of a compliment to call fox "news". But yeah... I can see the headlines now.


Lets face it... the average 14 year old has a potty mouth.

The lies the one sided Fox makes are just humorous and just lol worthy.

eak32541d ago

Hell these days the average 14 year old has had much more sex than I ever had before I was 30.

Kran2542d ago (Edited 2542d ago )

Probably. As LordMe said with Portal 2, there's always something that the media will comment on.

In a movie, such things you see are apparently fine.

In a game, when you're actually playing it, OH NO IT'S ILLEGAL! BAN IT EVERYWHERE!

That is how the media feel. Especially "The Sun" in the UK.

kaveti66162542d ago (Edited 2542d ago )

The difference is that when you watch a movie where someone is being shot up or dismembered or maimed in some way, there is a point to it. It serves to illustrate the bleakness of the situation or the malice of the villain in the film.

In video games, when the player has the option to kill, dismember, maim, or whatever another character in the game, many take is as a reflection of that player's true character when he/she chooses to do those things.

If you spent all your time in video games sniping innocent civilians or teabagging corpses, don't you think that kind of behavior might seem a little odd to someone who doesn't play games at all?

They're not part of the gaming culture, they don't get our little inside jokes (teabagging is one example) so of course from their POV something is wrong with us.

It's just like how I feel about those people in Japan who use dolls and pillows as boyfriends/girlfriends. I'm not part of that culture, so as outsider looking in, my initial reaction is to say that there is something wrong with them psychologically. Developing a sexual bond with an inanimate object is not considered normal in our culture.

Gaming is a subculture, and everyone who's not part of it has a legitimate reason for thinking that there's something wrong with spending a good deal of time cultivating positive relationships with your shipmates in Mass Effect so that you can have your character have sex with them. Hell, I play games and even I think it's kind of weird.

AtomicGerbil2542d ago

I find the double standards and misinformation within the media startling, which unchecked is influencing the uninformed into unnecessary and rash decisions.

On the subject of video game controversy, we have age ratings for a reason, the media should be highlighting this rather than a sensationalist subject matter to raise viewing figures. Extremely unprofessional in my opinion.

shadow27972542d ago

The object of the game (in a nutshell) is to protect Ellie from being harmed. The bad guys are trying to kill both of you, and Joel is a type of father figure in her life. There won't be any media backlash because one of the main characters, who happens to be 14, can die.

Sora (who's like 12?) can die in Kingdom Hearts, and that's a much more kiddie game.

There's a difference between the player killing children (Fallout) and a child being able to die, in my opinion.

If anything, there would be a backlash about how Joel is a poor father figure, not the fact that Ellie can die.

TrendyGamers2542d ago

I don't think it will be.

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